In What Position Is the WWE's World Title Division?

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In What Position Is the WWE's World Title Division?

I had to put off writing this article because I am currently swamped with work, but felt compelled to address the state of the WWE's world title division regardless of other commitments.

There are several issues I have with the division, but none more pressing than the first.

At the past seven WWE pay per views there have been a total of ten world title changes (not including ECW), out of a possible 14.

That’s 71 percent of all world title matches at pay per views resulting in a title switch. Not to mention additional changes on the weekly shows.

That is just absurd.

We often talk about the “credibility” of a title, and how pathetic title reigns beget pathetic titles. Well, in my opinion, the WWE’s omission of a recent credible title reign is fast diminishing the credibility and prestige of their two world titles.

Perhaps this is product of a more demanding generation, as the converse of not changing any titles would leave most current fans dissatisfied, but it a product I would happily see diminish.

I can respect the fact the Triple H, one of the WWE’s most decorated wrestlers, had a lengthy title reign last year, but to then involve him in this melee of title switches detracts from any ground gained on the issue.

The optimist could argue that there have been this many changes because of the quality of the top wrestlers, and because they are all around the same mark in terms of quality, confrontations are likely to go either way on any given occasion.

However, I find this hard to accept. This issue has not been magnified to such an extent as in recent months, yet one could argue that there has always been the same level of quality throughout the top stars in recent years.

But I believe the problem lies, as I mentioned before, in the WWE’s need to “please” some fans.

Another aspect that I feel needs discussing is which wrestlers have been making up the world title scene.

On the whole I have been happy with who has been involved over the past few months; Triple H, Edge, Orton, Jeff Hardy, and The Big Show are all names I am happy to see in the mix.

John Cena and Batista do garner mixed reactions, but I think most have come to accept they will be on the main event scene for the foreseeable future, and I am OK with that.

It would be nice to see some unfamiliar faces thrown into the mixing pot, as eventually the Triple H’s and Batista’s will displaced by younger stars.

It would appear that MVP, and more obviously CM Punk (money in the bank winner), will fill that role, and solve the problem in the near future.

I feel that if the boat is left un-rocked these characters will be able to provide some decent matches through the rest of the calendar, and put the WWE’s prized division in a respectable position. But I really hope there are some reigns that last more than a month.

Comparatively the division is still good; to say that TNA’s recent offering of Sting vs. Foley is competition to it is laughable.

Most of this will not be new news to anyone, but I felt the need write about the issue while I had a chance.

It just frustrates me that a consumer driven company like the WWE panders to their fans whose ideals of constant short term gains will in inevitably yield long term issues.


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