Interval Playlist Volume One

BradContributor IMay 7, 2009

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It seems everyone has a top 10 list of something.  So I have put together a top 10 play list of songs to do sprint intervals to.  I work out on a stationary trainer three or four times a week so, to keep it interesting, here is one of my favorites, a ninety minute workout. 

Start with a five minute spin to warm up, then for two minutes, sprint in a heavy gear, then recover for three minutes. The next set is an out of the saddle two minute climbing simulation with three minutes of recovery. 

I repeat these several times, alternating sprinting and climbing and a 10 minute cool down.  But here is a sample play list that helps me survive this work out.


10)  "Seven Nation Army," The Whitestripes—This song has a a really good rhythm and is easy to keep a cadence to.  Not to mention, the lyrics make you think of bicycle racing.

9) "Dig," Mudvayne—A short, sweet, heavy metal love song will either scare you into sprinting or just blow your ear drums out of your head.  You have to love a song that starts off with heavy breathing and a primal scream

8) "Electric Head Pt. One," White Zombie—This song has a long build up, perfect for this workout.  When its time to drop the hammer this is the perfect song.

7) "Cyanide," Metallica—I am not a fan of the group, but I have recently discovered this song, it has saved me on a few runs (yes I run too).  The beginning is awesome and it is over six minutes so you can really get into an aero tuck and grind your guts out.

6) "Still Dreaming," 311—This is more of a motivational, inspirational song, but has a good beat and the lyrics are really good.  Besides, I'm a big fan of 311.

5) "Last Cup of Sorrow," Faith No More—Perfect song for the last set.  The title says it all.

4) "Cadence to Arms," Dropkick Murphys—A punk song that starts with bagpipes, need I say more?

3) " Iron-man," Black Sabbath—An oldie but a goody, besides,  makes me think I'm sprinting in Kona.

2) "When Worlds Collide," Powerman 5000—Another primal scream, I'm going to destroy something, song to help make the climbing repeats seem easier.

1) "Knights of Cydonia," Muse—I know what you're thinking, Muse? Listen to the song at about three minutes and thirty seconds into it when it starts to pick up "No one is going to take me alive,"  it makes me think of being in a break-away and no human being on Earth is going to catch me. 

I admit I am no DJ, but these songs have helped me through some tough workouts.  What is on your play list?