Olympian Lolo Jones Agrees to Twitter Date After Fan Secures 150,000 Retweets

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 5, 2013

The way to Lolo Jones' heart seems to be through retweets.

NBC Sports' Nick Zaccardi reports on the extremely busy schedule for Jones, who continues to run the hurdles and 4x100 relay all while preparing for another stint with the U.S. bobsled team.

Oh, and she has a date with a young man named Bubby Lyles, who secured over 150,000 retweets just so he could squire the famous Olympian about town.

Here is the tweet from Lyles with a picture of Jones' response:

As of this writing, that particular tweet had over 150,200 retweets, as well as over 24,000 favorites.

Some of you might think Jones would go back on her word or offer that she was only joking. Either would be understandable because of her jam-packed calendar.

That doesn't seem to be the case, because the report states Jones is game to meet the man who won a date because of his social media swag:

Told he was close to 150,000 by Flotrack, Jones responded by saying, “Oh, really? Are you serious?”

“Good for him,” Jones said. “I’ll go on a date with him.”

All it takes, gentlemen, is to get 150,000 people to vouch for you.

Really, if there was any athlete who would get a date via Twitter, it was Jones. She has long embraced social media to show off her vibrant personality.

As we have seen, there have been controversial ends to some of Jones' posts.

Back in May of 2012, Jones tweeted to her followers that she plans on staying a virgin until she marries, a post that garnered widespread attention for the Olympian.

More recently, Jones dropped a Vine video to her Twitter followers featuring her paycheck for bobsled work, a whopping $741.84. While Jones was clearly making a joke, a good number of bobsledders took umbrage with the video because they felt she was complaining.

Not that Jones has delivered only controversy, because a bubbly athlete who likes to have fun was made for things like Twitter and Vine, giving fans some highly creative vignettes like the one that follows.

Jones is a dedicated athlete who continues to work hard for a gold medal, no matter the season or sport that might present itself.

Of course, everyone has to have a hobby. Jones' seems to be tweeting, so it makes perfect sense she would find a future date on the social media platform.

Now, Lyles and 150,000 Twitter users anxiously await the big day.


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