Paul Heyman Will Make Curtis Axel a Star in the WWE

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2013

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Paul Heyman will make third-generation superstar Curtis Axel a star in the WWE.

The current Intercontinental champion captured his prize at Payback, pinning former champion Wade Barrett in a Triple Threat match. It seemed there was nothing left for Axel other than to float in the midcard spot. However, opportunity has knocked for the champion courtesy of his manager.

Heyman represents Axel and Brock Lesnar while remaining friends with CM Punk. Lesnar attacked Punk three weeks ago on Raw, leading to dissension between Punk and Heyman.

Thanks to Lesnar’s limited dates in his contract, Punk can’t feud with him on a weekly basis. Enter Curtis Axel.

Axel saved Punk at Heyman’s request from a two-on-one attack from the Prime Time Players. Punk doesn’t trust Axel but trusts Heyman. It almost represents the fans’ faith in him, or lack thereof.

Axel hasn’t been setting the world on fire and didn't have a bombastic debut as The Shield and Fandango did. Even the Wyatt Family, who arrive next week on Raw, are getting more press.

The WWE and Heyman carefully orchestrated this for one reason: the slow burn. It takes time for a WWE Superstar to last in the fans’ eyes. It’ll take more time with Axel, who has a legacy to uphold while making his own name.

Heyman will make Axel a star because of the slow burn. He understands the fans won’t rally behind Axel yet. But, Heyman is that brilliant wrestling genius. He still showed the world he could captivate the audience and sell his clients’ potential.

Heyman’s alliance with Axel is a long-term project. He’s not an established guy like Lesnar and Punk. In time, Curtis Axel will become a WWE star.

Axel already captured the Intercontinental title. He can do more with Paul Heyman on his side. Expect Curtis Axel to stick around, all thanks to Paul Heyman.