New Orleans Hornets a No. 1 Seed?

Osahon AbbeCorrespondent IApril 9, 2008

This is a question that—since the Hornets franchise started about twenty years ago—has never really been associated with the team. This is a testament to the work ethic put in by the players and coaching staff this season.

After a tumultuous 2005-06 season, after hurricanes, one would have expected them to take some time to get to where they are at the moment. Some time being more than two seasons.

With a loss last night to the former New Orleans franchise the Utah Jazz, the bees still lead the western conference by a game over the defending champions the San Antonio Spurs.

Remember, the West consists of teams like the Los Angeles Lakers with the "one who we are not to speak of" and his new-side kick Pau Gasol, the aforementioned Spurs, the Denver Nuggets with two of the top five leading scorers in the league, Utah, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors. 

To show the magnitude of this situation, the ninth team in the west would have clinched a playoff berth in the east and the tenth and eleventh teams will still be in the chase.

So how have the Hornets been able to accomplish this feat?

Lets start with a staff. Head Coach Byron Scott was a three-time champion as a player with the Lakers under Pat Riley and knows what it takes to get to the promised land.

Chris Paul, one of the best point guards in the league, an all-star and is in the chase for league MVP honors. David West is a 20 and 10 all star who has elevated his game this season. Peja Stojakovic is an assassin from beyond the arc and also leading the league at the line.

Tyson Chandler, Bonzi Wells, Jannero Pargo, Morrice Peterson to name a few role players who can light it up on any given night. Putting this orchestra together has yielded a record breaking season for the franchise and a No. 1 seed at the moment.

Five games to go and the bees are looking to hold on to the number one spot.

With the bees in the playoffs, I am wondering how far can they go? Can they win it all? Or will there be another one seed falling to an eight? Only time would tell. Don't you just love this game?!