EPL News: Arsenal Not Mature Yet?

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IApril 8, 2008

Arsenal started the season in a great way, topping the EPL, qualified for the Champions League second round. Everything was fine until a month ago.

Arsenal still plays with its style, but can't manage to win the big games.

Take, for instance, the match against Chelsea a few weeks ago. Both teams produced an exciting game, and they were both set properly on the field, the organization was perfect.

However, Arsenal could not hold all game like that, and let Didier Drogba scored twice to finally lose the game 2-1.

When they beat AC Milan, a lot of people made them the big favorite for the UEFA Champions League title.

But, although we can still talk about the ref call on the penalty, they once again couldn't hold to their lead, and while they manged to come back, still lost and are  out of the competition now. They can try to chase the EPL, but I doubt they'll succeed.

The only thing they can hope for now is to beat  Man U "for the glory", and if they are lucky enough, to get a chance to still have a chance for the title.

So, why is it that Arsenal, despite being a great team, seems not to be there when they need to?

Well my personal analysis is that most of the players on the team don't have enough experience enough to be present in two big competitions like that.

Their bench is composed of really talented players, but they still lack experience.

Arsene Wegner picked really hot prospects like Abou Diaby, Cesc Fabregas, Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, or Theo Walcott, but the touch of real high-level experience isn't present enough. Only William Gallas can bring that.

But As I am sure Arsene will manage to keep most of his team next season, and maybe buy one or two experienced players, this season should just be the one they learn from the most, before totally blowing up.