Call Off The Dogs Boise State, The BCS Is Not To Blame

JT RayContributor IMay 7, 2009

Attention Boise State Fans, lets go back to January 1, 2007. 

Yes, the Broncos had just pulled off the comeback of a lifetime, Ian asked the cheerleader to marry him and Paul J. screwed up the biggest call of his radio career. 

I you remember what the NCAA Representative said during the awarding of the Fiesta Bowl Trophy?

Well, noticeably absent from the ceremony was an NCAA Representative. 

Please Bronco Nation, check your DVD, I will wait...

The problem with the BCS is not the BCS, but rather the NCAA.

The NCAA, in it's infinite wisdom, does not formally determine a champion in the two sports that it governs; the first is College Rowing and the second, of course, is the FBS Division of College Football.

As much as I am behind Gene Bleymaier regarding last weeks Congressional hearings, I believe that the attack against the BCS is the wrong approach.  

Here is my thought.

Recently, fans of College Basketball finished up March Madness, with a College Basketball Champion being crowned via a Tournament; I bring this up only because the NCAA College Basketball Tournament was not always considered the tournament to crown the NCAA Basketball Champion. 

That distinction fell to the National Invitation Tournament or NIT.

Yes, for some 15 years the NIT determined the National Champion of College Basketball. Oddly enough it did so for many of the same reasons the BCS crowns College Football’s Champion. 

Better Media Coverage (money), recruiting and geographic proximity.  

The NCAA Tournament later became the top college tournament by expanding it's field of teams. What a concept, the NCAA College Tournament gained notoriety by expanding the number of teams in its tournament. 

Sound familiar? 

So why isn’t Gene Bleymaier, and other non-BCS teams going after the NCAA?  

You see, like Gene said, he helped found the Humanitarian Bowl. A Bowl that has contracts with the WAC and the MWC.

Yes, just like the BCS, the H-Bowl has a contract to offer it's bowl invitation to the WAC and MWC first. 

Additionally, Gene mentioned a $4.6 million payout from the Fiesta Bowl which he would certainly like to see more often.

In the end the BCS is what it is, a system designed to better it's original six conferences and Notre Dame. It is not a perfect system, but until the NCAA steps in to make a change, it is a system we college fans have to deal with. 

Unfortunately, it is a system that last year decided Oklahoma was better than Texas and USC, as well as deciding a two loss Ohio State team was better than an undefeated Boise State team.