Kid Drives the Lane, Shoots Chicken Through Hoop Because 'Merica

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He spins, he shoots! Nothing but feathers!

This young man is 1-for-1 from the paint, but he might have trouble keeping a handle on the ball because it’s a chicken

This video of a child launching a domestic fowl through a basketball hoop was spotted by Rick Chandler of Sports Grid, and it truly conjures up all sorts of emotions inside the human spirit.

This is Evan, a young man who appears to be having a grand old time on family vacation at his grandparents’ farm. It’s not the most conventional fun, considering he’s hurling farm animals through rusty hoops, but we all know when you’re at Gramps' place, you have to get creative in order to enjoy yourself.

Also, lest we forget, this isn’t just your average chicken-ball—this is a drive to the hole with authority, complete with a play-by-play from a man we’ll assume is his father. 

This kid might have a future in the game. He’s a slasher, and he has a higher completion percentage around the rim than Tiago Splitter, who gets his chickens blocked on the regular.

Image via Getty / BR 

Before you go and call PETA, it’s worth noting that he doesn’t dribble the chicken. There are no bounce passes, and he didn’t try to hit the ball off Andray Blatche’s face.

Image via Yes! / BR

It’s not like he slammed it home with posterizing authority and caused irreparable emotional damage to the thing.

Yes, young Evan whirled and swirled to the bucket, and if he gets any better, he’ll be laying in soft, chicken-y finger rolls like Victor Oladipo. 

So #feathery.


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