Santina Marella: Disgrace For Women Division Or Santino Career?

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

if you have read my latest article you gonna see i really really hate santina story i mean that's anyone else things this is disrespectful for divas and all women? as a women i feel like the only thing that wwe is trying to say is: hey the only one who can help to women division its a men so dress him as a woman and lest get "she win every match. 

but the real question its who is the biggest affect with this story divas or santino marella?



divas matches haven't been as great as they were short time ago, divas matches used to be important and not only cause it have a hot women in there divas used to go out the ring and left t in it. but now almost every women match that we see long like 5 minutes. 

in wrestlemania i was thinking wwe its taking the divas problem more serious and they really wanna do something great. i was expecting see Lita or Trish winning or at less there but not i saw santina marella winning and becoming the first ever miss wrestlemania. 

now if santina its in the ring wow big surprise she/he wins every single or tag team match. 



im a santino fan he hasn't show me something that make me become his fan. well where i can star he had defeated for 3 women, he cant win a serious match and he dress as a women. 

i don't know why wwe left him be 2 times intercontinental champion he didn't have the championship to long but he is a former champion. so now is it the push that wwe is getting him?! i mean how many wrestler have dressed as a women and star to be in all women matches? santino now can be perfect the new Colin Delaney the guy who everybody knows he gonna lose and the guy who everybody make fun of him i think the best world its jobber. 

i don't in WWE creative team but, why he has to be a diva? i don't reason to push a man in diva division he should be wrestling with men if he gonna be a jobber he should be male wrestler jobber. i don't get why the only way to he win its being a chick. 

so whats next for santino a title match the new diva champion: santina marella?

after that what do you think a disgrace for santino career or women division???