What Made Me Like the New England Patriots

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What Made Me Like the New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots. My favorite team.

When asked why I love the Patriots so much I generally respond, because I can and because I grew up in New England. Now that I have had time to think about it, there are many reasons why I love the Patriots.

Number one would have to be my dad. I was seven years old when my dad was stricken with cancer and he died a year later.

During that one year, I had the best Patriots experience. We went to games together and when he got too sick to leave the house we watched it on a newly purchased HDTV.

When he went into a coma, I sat next to him every Sunday. He never got to see his favorite team win a Super Bowl and I decided I would continue watching them.

Growing up in New England lands you among some of the craziest fans imaginable. Yes, I said crazy, but by no means do I mean criminally insane, I mean loving, willing to stay out in the cold just to watch.

New England fans may be called "Band-Wagon" fans nowadays, but before the Patriots were winning, we still loved them. People hate the winning team, let's face it.

Another reason I love the Patriots is because of Marquis Hill. He was a hero and he lost his life saving a girl when they were capsized on their jet ski.

There are many reasons why I love the Patriots and at the moment, these are the ones I mainly wish to mention.

Why do you love your favorite team?

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