UCLA's Michael Sondheimer Resigns After Alleged Online Sex Chats with Minors

Alex Kay@AlexPKayCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2013

Photo Credit: CBSlosangeles.com
Photo Credit: CBSlosangeles.com

UCLA associate athletic director Michael Sondheimer has resigned amidst allegations that he “engaged in inappropriate behavior with children on the Internet,” as per CBS2 Los Angeles’ investigative reporter David Goldstein.

Goldstein states that a separate website, entitled “Operation Riptide”, revealed that Sondheimer was attempting to engage children in sexual chats and was caught in a sting where adults posed as minors.

They also have a series of disturbing quotes from one of the alleged conversations, which are listed as followed: “13? Good”, “Love ghetto girls U are so real and so cool” and ‘Want to do anything to your hot body.”

The university immediately placed Sondheimer on administrative leave and released a statement concerning the ongoing investigation, as per Goldstein:

Sondheimer was placed on administrative leave June 3, immediately after the university learned of allegations that he had engaged in inappropriate conduct. The allegations were unrelated to his job at UCLA and did not involve students or any other employees.

Goldstein claims to have approached Sondheimer, who was using a computer at a local Los Angeles-area library, and questioned him about the accusations, but received no answer. His attorney could not be reached for comment on the issue at hand either.

According to Matt Stevens of the Los Angeles Times, Sondheimer spent decades in charge of making sure the athletic department complied with NCAA rules and university guidelines on admissions and on-campus recruiting.

The 36-year employee’s most recent gig was as the leader of the school’s on-campus recruiting efforts.

Stevens noted that both the university and police department are conducting a simultaneous investigation into these matters.