Roy Jones Jr. As a MMA Fighter?

tyler griggsContributor IMay 6, 2009

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 08:  Roy Jones Jr enters the ring prior to his bout against Joe Calzaghe of Wales for their Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Championship bout at Madison Square Garden November 8, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight MMA. Well the UFC has turned down the idea of Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr...Showtime senior Vice-President Ken Hershman has also said that "a Nick Diaz vs. Roy Jones Jr." would be a long shot from ever happening.

Hershman said "Money is not an issue at all" and goes on to say "it is an insult to the MMA community that Jones Jr. thinks he or any boxer can come in and do this sport."

Diaz says that he would fight Jr. in an ordinary boxing rules fight, but since that comment Jr. says he would fight the MMA style.

Hershman says that the network has the best boxing brand on television, and is trying to put together the best MMA brand on television. He says there is no need to mix the two sports at the moment.

Coker (a member of Diaz's Gracie Camp) says that he would most definitely set up this fight. Coker reports that Diaz's manager called and asked if he would talk about being interested about a fight between Jr. and Diaz.

Hershman says that "the Silva possibility in a fight has been going on for a year, but Diaz's name just came up into the mix."

He goes onto say "that is just not the path I want to go down right now."

This wouldn't be a bad thing, there have been fighters that fought in boxing or kick-boxing and then fought in MMA. There have also been pro wrestlers that came and fought MMA. So at least he has some stand up game. Probably got a good chin, and very strong.

So this wouldn't be a bad thing, but the matter is that not everyone is cut out for the world of MMA, he just might be trying to get his name bigger and his wallet fatter. But who knows?

I wish my luck to Jones Jr. in his quest to fight MMA. Thanks for the reads.