Diva Spotlight: Melina

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

I've decided to do a feature article on each and every Diva and Knockout. The articles will be coming twice a week and will cover why they're good, etc. Who better to start with than the champs? This weeks Spotlight is on WWE Women's Champion Melina!


Why she's good

Melina has stood out from the pack since the beginning. From her indie roots, Melina was able to create a personality that made you think that's what she was really like. Coming into the WWE as a valet and manager she made her presence known with an unreal entrance and got involved in the matches. A heel from the start, Melina turned into an ultimate Diva: a bitchy girl who knew she was better than everyone else. She used her solid ring skills to back that up.

Her fierce and ferocious personality shines and you can feel the emotion rolling off of her in a every move. Melina wears her heart on her sleeve, and her love of wrestling is evident. Lately, she has capitalized on her amazing flexibility and has increased her arsenal of unique moves.


Why she's bad

To be honest, it's not her fault. Her face turn was halted by injury, and when she came back as a face, it was not easy to get behind. The WWE fans have a very short attention span and even shorter memory. It's taken Melina months to get support from the crowd. She's bad as a face. Melina is just one Diva who's much better on one side than the other.


What she brings to the WWE

Legitimacy. I say this because Melina is a real deal legit wrestler. She came up the ranks in the indies and in WWE Developmental as well. She's got the personality, the mic skills, the ring skills and more to do even more than what she's done. The WWE would be wise not to bury her on Smackdown. Since she's on the better show when it comes to wrestling with its Divas, I don't see it happening.

Plain and simple, Melina is truly one of their top Divas and is one of the best they've ever had.

Stay tuned next week as I take a look at Knockout Champion Angelina Love and former champion Awesome Kong!