Diva/Knockout Recap: Week of April 27

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009


Impact gave a glorified squash match between Awesome Kong and Madison Rayne with a stretcher match. Kong continued to prove her dominance and unbelieveable power in decimating poor Rayne. Kong showed the Beautiful People, especially Knockouts Champion Angelina Love, that she's coming for the title.

WWE: Backlash

The ridiculous storyline of Santina continued as "she" was a part of the Khali Kiss Cam. Beth Phoenix came out and attempted to get Santina to reveal "her" true identity and challenged "her" for the Miss Wrestlemania crown. Beth proved her solid mic skills in standing up to and mocking Khali. She got a horrid Khali chop for her troubles, which allowed Santina to pin her for the win. Please WWE...please stop!


We were treated to another pointless tag match involving, yes, Santina and featured the RAW debut of Divas Champion Maryse. Sadly, only four of the six actually got in the ring and wrestled. The Bellas did their bland switch routine, which allowed Hornswaggle to show up. He distracted the rest of the heel Divas and allowed one of the Bellas to roll up Jillian for the win. If this is the A show I'd rather get an F.


Thursday's new show gave us a much better tag match between Maria and Gail Kim taking on Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox. Yes, the one time dancing (face?) is now a heel. She did alright in her spots, a bit sloppy, but it's to be expected when wrestling on a new show. Maria once again proved to do a solid job in her efforts and seems to be working on her in ring work.

McCool and Gail had some nice work together, but the big boot finish made no sense to me personally. I guess it's her way of slowing down the much faster Kim, but it came off more weak than anything. Plus, what happened to Gail's big push and momentum? Didn't she beat McCool only a few weeks ago, and now she takes the pin?


We were treated to the WWE taking a major step back in a dance contest between Layla and Eve. However, for these two, it was a very good step back. In case you couldn't tell, both are trained dancers and former cheerleaders for some professional teams. Layla was even the acting choreographer in Extreme Expose.

The two, in their very skimpy attire showed some great moves. Layla, for me, was the better of the two, but Eve as the face was going to win. The crowd seemed to be into it as well. Layla showed off some solid heel tactics by pretending to be in on Eve's victory dance only to slap her and get into a cat fight. The crowd even begin to chant "Let them Fight."

Yes, it's a bit of a sad reminder that WWE fans could really care less about the Divas when they wrestle, but I give credit to the WWE putting out two trained dancers to entertain the crowd. Plus these two haven't gotten to wrestle much during their time in the WWE, so I'm glad it wasn't some random match. Smell a "Battle of the Diva Search Winners" Feud? I, for one, am all for it.