An English Dream: It Can Happen

Justin BaskinCorrespondent IApril 8, 2008

For the third year in a row there will be an English team in the Champions League Final, and there is a possibility that both teams in the Final will be English.

Liverpool and Chelsea secured their spaces in the semis with victories over Arsenal and Fenerbache respectively.If all goes well tonight Manchester United and Barcelona will secure their spots for the other semi.

Liverpool has met Chelsea twice in the Champions League in previous years and has never suffered defeat against the London Club. Both the Chelsea manager and the Liverpool manager need wins to secure their jobs for next year. On both previous occasions the games were tight affairs with neither team giving anything away, but this year I actually think things are going to be different.

Chelsea is having a problem putting the ball in the net and has shown some weakness in big matches, that said, they are still capable of beating anybody on their day. The fact that they can still win the Premier League is a factor which they won’t be able to ignore. Liverpool know that they can beat almost anyone and will be ready for the clash.

Manchester Utd have been playing awesome football this season, and they have carried their league form into the Champions League. I expect them to score another two goals tonight and sail into the semi finals.

Barcelona have been having an up and down season so far this year and have not looked like the champions they can be, but saying that one can never write them off, they have so much class in their team and they know it.

If United face Barcelona in the semis, it's going to be an absolute clash of the titans, with both teams going for the kill in both games. It will be a battle of the midfield where the side with the stronger midfield will win the match.

As a fan of the English Premier League I would love to see an all English Final, it will prove that the English league is the number one domestic league in Europe and possibly the world.

With three English teams hopefully in the semis, I think more people are going to be watching the Premier League. Liverpool vs Manchester United a game with so much history, a game where the fans of both sides are factors in them winning matches. Both sets of fans are amazing when travelling to away matches.

Liverpool have not beaten United in the Premier League for a few years, but Liverpool have proven that the Champions League and the Premier League are two different kettles of fish.

Liverpool will not go down like they did earlier in the season where they lost 3–0, but guaranteed the United fans will not let us forget that.

So, all in all, the English fans should all be on cloud nine knowing that there will be an English representative in the Champions League Final. My prediction for the winner of the tournament is as follows:

As a fan of Liverpool Football Club, I want to see Liverpool win the league, but I feel that the team which beats Manchester United will be the team to win it, who ever that may be.