Rethinking John Cena

Jared FarverCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

If you ask a kid who their favorite wrestler is you'll hear a couple different answers. All of which will be face wrestlers.

The WWE has tried to become more kid friendly, right?

Of course the WWE has been cleaned up since the Attitude Era.

We hardly see blood anymore, even in matches that call for blood. It used to be normal for someone to bleed during a show but now it's almost obsolete in the WWE.

The WWE shows are all rated PG too. These are two of the many reasons people believe that the WWE only cares about children and women.

John Cena is the WWE's biggest star. He is the biggest babyface today. If your under 12 years old you probably have a poster or shirt with him on it.

He is every childs' hero. Most women, but not all, want to be with him. His current gimmick is geared towards these two fan bases.

He has been the King of this "PG" era. His gimmick was made especially for this current era in the WWE.

John Cena is also the reason for guys over 12 and real WWE fans for hating this new era.

Everyone has heard the story of The Rock being booed his first few months in the business so I won't go in great detail. Instead of cramming him down our throats Vince gave in and turned him heel.

This story is close to what John Cena is experiencing now with the male fan base over 12 and real WWE fans.

Many people believe John Cena should turn heel. I even included him in an article about superstars that need a change.

It got me to thinking, is he already a heel?

I think Vince has purposely kept John Cena as a face to kids and women and he wants us to boo Cena. Vince has done the exact opposite of what he did with The Rock.

John Cena is a tweener.

Instead of comparing him to Hulk Hogan, who almost every fan loved during the 80's, we should compare him to Bret Hart.

Hold on, I'm not saying his in-ring ability is even close to Bret Hart but his gimmick is close to Bret's "Anti-American" gimmick.

During 1997 Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation was absolutely hated by American fans. While in America he was treated as if he had just robbed an old lady. 

When Bret Hart left America he was treated like a god. He got more feelings and emotions out of anyone at the time, other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Kids, women, and casual fans are the people from all over the world that supported Bret Hart.

Males over 12 and real WWE fans are the Americans that hated Bret Hart.

I'm not saying they are the same people but I'm comparing the two.

John Cena's gimmick is designed for us to hate him.

You can't go to a Pro Wrestling website without hearing about John Cena. I recently watched a match on YouTube from the Attitude Era. The entire conversation on the page was about John Cena. People either wanted him to leave the WWE or become champion again.

He is the most hated WWE wrestler today.

He is the most loved WWE wrestler today.

I think this would be a good gimmick to use in the WWE.

I know I'm probably over thinking his gimmick but I think this could actually happen. He is in movies and Vince expects all WWE fans to support any WWE movie.

Vince needs casual and non-fans too. This is why he created John Cena's gimmick for John Cena.

John Cena is known world round and is on more mainstream shows than any other WWE superstar. So, to the outside world, kids, and women he is a baby face. This makes him a heel towards males over twelve and real WWE fans.

With this kind of gimmick Vince has covered all areas of people. He has a superstar that is kind to kids and the outside world, but to the people who really pay attention he has a huge heel.

In a way John Cena is the ultimate heel and face. He is an unconventional heel and an ordinary face.

Am I giving to much credit to Vince, over thinking this, or just realizing something everyone has known for quite awhile?

You guys tell me.