Boston Bruins Made the Playoffs: They Matter Again!

David MaystrovskyContributor IApril 8, 2008

    Wow. This has been a long time coming. I'm not going to lie to you, having the Boston Bruins in the playoffs should be a big deal. But in reality, most of Boston doesn't really care. Why is that?

    Partly, it's the owner's fault. Jeremy Jacobs has been screwing the Bruins almost as hard as Dolan has been screwing the Knicks. After trading Joe Thornton to the Sharks for probably pennies on the dollar, the team went into a prolonged spiral that it never seemed to get out of.

    Granted, the media in boston never much cared for the team since around the 80's, which was before my time. As of this year, the Bruins are primarily a running joke on WEEI, the flagship sports talk station of Boston (#1 in America!). The one time that any of the shows paid attention, the team went into something like a 10 game slump where they scored a grand total of 8 goals.

    But that was then. This is the present, and it shows that the Canadiens and the Bruins are slated to match up in a best of seven series on Thursday. Let's do a mini-breakdown shall we? (Disclaimer: I've seen the Canadiens play twice this season, both times against the Bruins.)

    It seems to me that this series is going to be over in four games. Maybe five if anyone decides to show up to a playoff game at the TD BankNorth Garden. The Bruins haven't shown any signs that they can score goals nearly enough to pull out four games. Also, while Tim Thomas has been rather solid, he's in his mid-30's and for a goalie, that's like being 65 and ready for your pension. Only Hasek manages to stay consistently good at such an old age. (Someone should do some sort of test on Hasek, he's probably got the newest version of the cream and clear, if you know what I mean.)

    And while the Bruins might not advance far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, this might be an exciting month, seeing as how both Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin managed to make the playoffs. Who wouldn't want to see Game 7 shootout between those two guys?

    As for a winner, I'm going with the Pens. Because I believe that having both Crosby and Malkin, which is better than just having Ovechkin.