WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 28, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    Many of the most notable WWE-related items from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were reflective, looking back at stars and moments from years ago.

    John Cena remembered his debut in 2002. WWE posted a list of his 50 greatest matches since then.

    The company also looked back on Mick Foley's insane spots at the King of the Ring 1998 and showcased memorabilia from Foley's role in the WrestleMania XV main event.

    Other highlights include a close-up look at Wade Barrett's tattoo, some of the worst pro wrestling action figures ever made and some proposed covers for WWE 2K14.

    The following are the most interesting WWE-related social media items, a list filled with nostalgia, video games and wrestling toys. 

June 23: Wade Barrett's Tattoo

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    WWE's Instagram page provided a close-up view of the tattoo Wade Barrett got on his arm last year.

    It's a beautiful, simple piece with dark shading. It features a quote from "Little Baby Nothing" by Welsh band Manic Street Preachers.

    Barrett fans are hoping that they will see this tattoo as the camera zooms in on Barrett unhooking a Money in the Bank briefcase come July 14. Here's hoping he has a lot less boredom and despair in his WWE career going forward.

June 24: John Cena Loses (a Bet)

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    The Boston Bruins met the Chicago Blackhawks in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals and apparently John Cena and CM Punk put a little money on the series, emphasis on the little.

    Punk, a Chicago native, has been a proud supporter of his local hockey team for some time. Cena, from Massachusetts, apparently lost a dollar when the Blackhawks won the cup in six games.

    No word on if the Bruins would have let Cena hoist the cup had they won. Punk, on the other hand, had his Stanley Cup moment.

    Well a wager is a wager. @CMPunk @NHLBlackhawks congrats. http://t.co/b8gLUQLlE1

    — John Cena (@JohnCena) June 25, 2013



June 26: Worst Wrestling Action Figures

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    WWE's Facebook page provided a portal to a litany of ridiculousness when it featured some of the worst wrestling action figures in history.

    Some of these figures featured atrocious designs and some were just bad ideas to begin with. WWE showed them all off in an entertaining photo gallery.

    Plastic versions of Dennis Rodman, Alex Wright and a sweating Road Dogg are among the most memorable ones. The S.T.O.M.P. series, which tried to make WWE wrestlers into G.I. Joe-type accessory-laden heroes was a mistake, but perhaps not as bad turning Chris Jericho into a lion tamer.

June 26: Mankind's Mask

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    Fans experienced a flashback thanks to WWE's Instagram page. A great photo showcased items that would make great additions to an eventual physical WWE Hall of Fame.

    The image of Mankind's mask along with the referee uniform that he wore when he was the special guest referee at WrestleMania XV is a nostalgia-inducing one. This likely brings up great memories for Steve Austin fans as this is what Mick Foley wore during Austin's WWE title win over The Rock.

    According to Wrestling Observer (via WrestleZone.com) "it appears as if a physical WWE Hall of Fame will indeed be built in Orlando, FL." If that turns out to be true, then these items need to go in the Austin vs. Rock rivalry section.

June 27: John Cena Looks Back

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    It's been 11 years since John Cena debuted in a losing effort against Kurt Angle.

    Cena has since become WWE's top star, its champion many times over and one of the most divisive figures in wrestling history. That's more than a decade of Five-Knuckle Shuffles. Can Cena keep it going for another 11 years?

    Cena took a moment to reflect on his journey, posting a picture of himself 18 years ago.

    Thanks @WWEUniverse 4 #elevenyearsstrong here is a pic of me 18 years ago #nevergiveup #RTimeIsNow http://t.co/KNm4tXKsqH

    — John Cena (@JohnCena) June 27, 2013

    Vince McMahon tweeted a congratulatory message to the WWE champ.

    On the anniversary of his 11th year with @WWE, congratulations to @JohnCena. Lots of mileage, lots of injuries, but lots of fun.

    — Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) June 27, 2013


June 27: Mick Foley on His Famous Fall

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    Continuing the theme of reflection, WWE posted an interesting article on its Facebook page about Mick Foley's famous spots at the Hell in a Cell match in 1998.

    It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since that match and that unforgettable carnage.

    The piece includes interviews with Foley, Jim Ross, referee Tim White and Sgt. Slaughter. Foley said of the moment Undertaker pushed him, "In my original plan, I wanted to drop an elbow off the top of that cage. But that's not what worked out."

    WWE also posted a photo gallery detailing the events from that battle.

WWE 2K14 Covers

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    As we saw on Monday’s WWE Raw, The Rock will be on the cover of WWE 2K14.

    Fans will have a chance to design the back cover for the upcoming video game.  Folks on Twitter are already proposing new covers with a wide range of Superstars.

    This Daniel Bryan cover looks mighty awesome, especially with the yes-themed background.

    The Rock is good, but THIS is better. RT WWE 2K14 game cover.@SteveCredoMedia http://t.co/8HDjmWtP5r pic.twitter.com/OzG2cH274a

    — WrestlingNewsSource (@WNSource) June 25, 2013

    In the "not going to happen" category, Zack Ryder appears on this version.

    @SMR133: @ZackRyder #WWE2K14Cover You're cover BRO!! #WWEGames #WWWYKI pic.twitter.com/73I9bTFUDJ” HA!

    — Zack Ryder (@ZackRyder) June 27, 2013

    Props to Andrea Sklar for this stylized cover featuring Nikki and Brie Bella.

    #WWE2K14Cover I made a cover for the WWE2K14 competition, @WWE @WWEgames chceck it, ft. #BellaTwins @nicoleandbri 1/2 pic.twitter.com/iTnNzALnC2

    — Andrea Sklar ∞ (@xAndreaSklar22) June 24, 2013