Orlando Magic -Boston Celtics: OFFICIAL REBUTTAL

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IMay 6, 2009

So after writing my breakdown of the Magic vs. Celtics Game One, I noticed numerous articles on the front page of the NBA section about the Celtics continuing to prove that experience wins in the playoffs, how they lost the game with "swagger," and how Boston will inevitably win the entire series based on the Magic's performance from Game One.

Now before I dig into my article, let me just say that the Orlando Magic WON Game One, for all you people that did not know.

Let's start with the first article written by Jake Lloyd, "Boston Celtics Continue to Prove Experience Wins Out in the Playoffs."

Lloyd mentions how the Celtics have "something" that the Magic do not. That something is experience.

I really hate to break it to you Lloyd, but the Celtics are missing their second best player in Kevin Garnett and a main bench player in Leon Powe. Without these two big men, the Celtics have a slim chance to none to even take this to a seven game series.

The first half and most of the third quarter in Game One was a total blowout. The Magic were playing their style of game for the first time during the playoffs and they actually looked great while doing it.

The next piece was written by a contributor named Ryan Richman, who titled his story, "Orlando Wins, But Boston Loses With Swagger."

In this article Ryan brings about many "if's", such as...

"If there were two minutes left in that game, Boston wins. If Rondo doesn’t throw in at Ray Allen’s leg with a minute left on a critical possession, they win. If Ray hits that shot, Boston wins."

Ok, now we all know that IF Michael Jordan was not sick during that 1997 NBA Finals game against the Utah Jazz he would have easily dropped 50 plus points instead of 38, but it did not happen because he was sick.

Ryan, you cannot use if's as an excuse for why the Celtics should have won Game One. Also, Boston does not have that "championship swagger" without their starting power forward Kevin Garnett.

The final article was written by a scribe named MARK and titled Why Game 1 Shows That Boston Will Win The Series.

MARK basically gave credit to the Magic for playing a stellar game until the fourth quarter. Instead of proving why the Celtics will win the series, he used excuses such as...

"I don't remember the last time rust and exhaustion faced off quite like this. Both teams were definitely struggling, but for completely opposite reasons."

He never supported his reasoning behind why the Celtics defense will win them the entire series and to be quite honest, their defense will not even win them the series! They need serious production on the offensive end by each and everyone of their players.

He ended the article by saying that the Magic have never proven that they can go deep in the playoffs, but the guys in the green have.

Let me point something out.

Ray Allen has played in the league for 12 years. Before coming to the Celtics, he battled in the playoffs only four different times. He never played more than 18 games in a playoff season until the 07-08 season.

As for Paul Pierce and his 10 year career, he only made it to the playoffs four times as well, not playing more than 16 games in a playoff season until the 07-08 season.

Lastly, Rajon Rondo has only been in the league for three years. He made the playoffs only last season and this year.

What I am trying to prove is that Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo would have never made the playoffs this year and last year without Kevin Garnett on their team.

Yes, Allen and Pierce might have some experience in the playoffs, but they have NEVER gone far into the playoffs, except for last season...with Kevin Garnett on the court.

The Truth

The Orlando Magic made a statement after winning Game One against the Boston Celtics at the TD Banknorth Garden. They proved that they do have what it takes to win and that nothing, especially a beat up fatigued Celtics team, can stop them from making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

I enjoyed reading the desperate articles about how and why the Celtics will advance past the Magic this season, but it really is not going to happen...not without Kevin Garnett.

Blue and white IGNITE!

Magic in six.