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Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 6, 2009

Welcome to another installment on Joe's 411: B/R pro-Wrestling News, the place for all pro-wrestling news you want to know for May 6, 2009.

In an interview with, former WWE Superstar "Hardcore" Bob Holly went off on a current WWE Superstar. It was none other than Ken Kennedy...Kennedy!

He claimed that Kennedy was the one who asked him to take something out of his bag, which turned out to be painkillers.

As we heard around the time of Holly's release, he was caught "stealing" from another superstar's bag. Which now is confirmed to be Kennedy's. He said, he never stole anything. He was just doing as Kennedy asked.

However since Kennedy was not there, and never told management what happened. People assumed a theft. Of course Holly never said exactly what Kennedy asked him to take out of his bag.

Though, since it was pain killers, one can assume one of two things: He was asked to get pain killers out for Kennedy or he just took them while he was there with Kennedy's bag.

In any case Holly talked about beating him up in the interview and how he hated Kennedy's guts among other things.

The former best friends, now turned enemies, will probably never meet up again. However, I am sure Kennedy will be aware of this interview soon.

Interesting enough, the WWE is headed to Birmingham, AL, My home state, in June. Holly is from Mobile, AL himself, and may make a nice appearance there. Could fireworks go off? Who knows?

As many probably know by now, John Cena is not really hurt in any way. I know, shocking right?

He actually was in a dark tag team match on RAW to close the show with Batista as his partner. They wrestled Legacy, but it was not as great as what happened after the match.

One fan said this happened:

"Sitting near us was a group of three guys that like to show how "smart" they are, and then especially in the dark match were giving it to Cena, being loud and vulgar, constantly standing and flipping him off. There were a lot of kids around and some parents in front of me even said they kind of hoped Cena would come over and punch them out.

After the match, Cena did come over (they were second row) so they started yelling and flipping him off more. So, Cena got a cameraman to come over and take his picture smiling and posing with them in the background. Everyone was laughing (except those guys, who were even more pissed off, which was great). Cena sure is a class act all the way"

It is pretty funny to me. People hate Cena, and he knows they do too. So why not mess with the haters a bit?

Of course those three guys did have the time of their life I'm sure. They probably went home and talked about it on their Myspace or another blog they have. Just shows how colorful we wrestling fans are.

In other news...Triple H is set to return to the WWE sooner than most expected. He is advertised for house shows after Judgement Day.

Orton is pretty much set in stone to win against Batista, so since that is the case, Triple H will return most likely the RAW following Judgement Day or soon after.

He will most likely challenge him for the WWE Title, in which most expect him to lose.

Do keep this in mind though, Triple H is on the writing staff for RAW. He is a big part of it, too. Most think he uses that to his advantage to be WWE or World Heavyweight Champion on the show.

However it has been he, that has been wanting to push both MVP and Legacy. He was also a big part of the whole McMahon vs Legacy angle. Which shouldn't surprise anyone considering he was a part of it.

Most think that storyline was one of the best in a while, and you cannot argue with it too much. Last year's HBK vs Y2J storyline was the biggest, again HHH played a good part in it.

So before we get all mad that he keeps winning titles, he does keep getting people noticed too. Also note that everything they do on RAW, ECW, or SmackDown goes through Vince McMahon before making TV.

Vince could care less about family when it comes to that, more so business. Triple H will be champion only because Vince thinks that is best for business, nothing more.

Right now Orton is best for business, which is why he is WWE Champion and may not lose it for a while.

Interesting enough, Batista will be pretty busy anyway, and would be too bogged down to have the WWE Title.

He actually is about to start filming on his new movie along side former WWE Champion RVD. The movie is called The Wrong Side of Town.

The movie is about a former Navy Seal names Bobby Kalinowski, say that five  times fast. Kalinowski accidentally kills a mob boss, and the brother of the mob boss puts a bounty out on Kalinowski because of the murder to his brother.

Kalinowski must escape Los Angeles while being hunted down by every mob member, criminal, and thug in the city.

No word on who Batista or RVD will be playing yet, but they are supposed to be the main parts in the movie.

I would assume, however, that the former Navy Seal would be Batista, though, considering his build and all.

Going back to wrestling itself, ECW looks to be getting a bit more interesting.

Tyson Kidd and Natayla may be getting into a heated feud with ECW GM Tiffany. Kidd lost his match with Evan Bourne, a match every fan really wanted to see.

He had some heated words for the ECW GM on WWE Mobile. And the WWE could do a GM vs Wrestler storyline. Keep in mind that Tiffany has been rumored to be taken out of the GM position.

So this may be a feud that possibly gets her removed from the position. I feel this is a test in a way for her. If she does not do well in the feud, she will be removed.

If she does well, she could stay. So we will have to see what develops. But she is a breath of fresh air there in my mind, so lets hope she improves and does well.

In other news, WWE has a new WCW DVD in the works, called "The Rise and Fall of WCW" They have been trying to get a few WCW guys in, especially Ted Turner, former owner of WCW.

If you remember Turner went through some financial issues, and had to sell WCW to cut costs.

And when the smoke cleared, Vince McMahon ended up with WCW and everything it had. Video library, merchandise, etc. All belonged to Vince.

Of course they made a nice Invasion storyline out of it with Shane McMahon showing up at WCW Nitro at the same time Vince McMahon was bragging about how he took over WCW.

Shane said he bought WCW and then one of the best storylines in wrestling history happened.

They contacted Turner about an interview, but he declined them. No surprise there in my mind, as he really never cared about it. It was just another thing to own.

They have contacted a few others such former TBS President Bill Shaw, who really helped to bring WCW in the spotlight in the early 90s. He declined too.

I am sure former WCW wrestlers and current WWE wrestlers from WCW will participate: like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero, and others.

Jericho left WCW before it fell, so he was not a big time fan of the product when he left it. However, I am sure he has some kind things to say about it. Chavo came in during the Invasion storyline, and about a year after that, Mysterio came into the WWE.

So those three are pretty much a lock to be in the DVD.

Keeping in the entertainment industry and TNA, I have some terrible news for fans

TNA is interested in bringing in another celebrity in Spencer Pratt from The dumbest show in TV, The Hills.

The only reason it actually stays around is because of the pure hotness of Lauren Conrad, but that is about it.

Anyway, TNA is kind of dumb to bring him in. If you look over celebrities being in wrestling historically, you will find that it actually does not help ratings improve.

Sure it makes you think, "wow we can get celebrities in," But TNA, believe me when I tell you, no one cares about Pratt.

On a side note, he is marrying long time girlfriend Hiedi Montag and they have been rumored to be getting married twice now. Apparently, they will keep getting married until someone puts it in a magazine, as if people care.

I beg of you to not do it TNA, it just isn't worth it.

Keeping with TNA...they are finally settling their lawsuit with former wrestler Konnan.

The lawsuit was about his racial discrimination and kidney issues. It is reported that they are getting out pretty good, only paying him  $50,000.

I know that is a lot, but not nearly as much as it could have been.

On a recap from the WWE Shareholders meeting...Vince claimed that they would not be trying to feud against the MMA business, then said "They are a sport, it is not what we do. We are entertainment"

Like other halls-of-fame, Vince McMahon wants to have a spot in the United States where people can visit. He said, "The hall-of-fame is in my head for now."

Also, the WWE wants to fill in the Wednesday slot. They currently have a show for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday for PPVs.

They had a Saturday and Sunday show for sometime.

Velocity was Saturday.

And Heat was Sunday.

Velocity was discontinued after a few years, but Heat had been around for a long time.

It was on MTV for the longest, then made its way to

They felt it wasn't worth trying to keep it going, so they ended it

Also, Vince McMahon knows about the possible ending on MyNetwork TV. It is said it will gone by sometime in 2010, for now.

It is the least watched local channel on TV today, other than Fridays. They have beaten other shows in certain times a few times, but not as much as they would like.

MyNetwork TV does not have a lot of regular programming, as they mainly syndicate older shows during the week.

So the fact they are losing money makes sense.

Vince claimed that there are many other channels they can go to if MyNetwork TV goes under. Apparently they have been contacted a bit.

In other news..."Superstar" Billy Graham has been released from the WWE for a few days now, and they sent him his infamous letter telling him about what he could not do with his name.

However the WWE had no legal right in telling him anything regarding his name, likeness, or anything close to it, as Graham used his name and nickname before arriving in World Wrestling Entertainment.

So he keeps his name, and everything with it. And can use it in any way he sees fit. This is one of the main reasons the WWE does not let superstars coming up from FCW use names they used anywhere else.

They give them a totally different name now, except for a new exceptions like Ted DiBiase Jr, and Cody Rhodes. Who are both sons of WWE hall-of-famers with the same last name.

That is it for the Joe's 411: B/R Pro-Wrestling News for today.

Remember to send your questions to me if you have anything you want to know in the world of wrestling: like, if you think a person is retiring soon, someone is getting signed, etc.

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