Rory McIlroy Faces Off Against Trolling Robot in New European Tour Commercial

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 28, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if a robotic Rodney Dangerfield heckled one of today’s best golfers in the middle of his backswing, your answer is here.

The European Tour rolled out its newest ad, which shows Rory McIlroy facing down one of his toughest opponents yet—Jeff, the Golf Laboratory Computer-Controlled Hitting Machine. Rick Chandler of SportsGrid spotted the video, and I concur when he says it's a bit like watching Caddyshack had it been cast with robots. 

Jeff has a challenge for McIlroy: Hit the laundry machines.

Yes, laundry machines. Jeff has done his research. He knows that, as a boy, McIlroy honed his chipping skills by hitting balls into his mother’s washing machine for hours on end. The robot and McIlroy tee off, and the rest is all skill shots, trash-talking and robot humor.

McIlroy and Jeff go at it, sending shots at different washers placed throughout the range. All the while, Jeff is chirping in the pro’s ear, bantering and messing with his head. It had some great lines:

“Losing to a robot is like losing to Martin Kaymer.”

“Isn’t [the washing machine] cute? And she’s still under warranty.”

“Boom! The eagle has landed!”

“Is that the same noise you heard when you signed your sportswear contract?”

Eventually Jeff gets carried away, and McIlroy attempts to turn him off. Big mistake. The golfer reaches down and grabs what he thinks is the off switch, but he ends up only making the robot uncomfortable with the strange direction this challenge is going.

As an advertisement, the spot is entertaining to a wide audience. McIlroy is about as likable a professional golfer as you can hope to find, and the banter with Jeff the robot is humorous to just about everyone.

That being said, McIlroy was on his best behavior around Jeff.

GIF via B/R

He’s certainly been worse to expensive equipment.