Viking Fans Should Welcome Favre With Open Arms

Matt KnowlesContributor IMay 6, 2009

Most of us are sick and tired of hearing about Brett Favre's possible comeback after yet another retirement.  But if I were a Minnesota Vikings fan (which I'm not), I would be listening and watching intently as Brett goes to meet with Brad Childress, the Viking's coach, later this week.

Right now, the Vikings have three options at quarterback.  First is Tarvaris Jackson, who is entering his fourth year and, up to this point, has yet to take control of the starting role in Minnesota.  This is evident in the Viking's acquisition of their second option, Sage Rosenfels. 

Sage is nothing more than a traveled second-string quarterback joining his third team since entering the NFL in 2002.  His best year consisted of playing in nine games for Houston while throwing 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 2007. 

Last year Sage managed only six touchdowns to go along with 10 interceptions. 

Granted Houston doesn't have the best offensive line, but Rosenfels had a terrific group of receivers in Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, and tight end Owen Daniels in which to distribute the football, and still couldn't get it done.

With a running game as potent as Minnesota's (led by "All Day" Adrian Peterson), a devastating defense, and a mediocre wide receiving corps, do you really want to entrust the most important position on the field to a career back-up? 

John David Booty is also on the roster but I don't think anyone considers him a serious threat to take over the starting role.

Brett Favre would be an immediate upgrade to the quarterback position for the Vikings.  He brings a proven veteran presence to a young wide receiving corps and is much more capable of leading an offense down the field late in games than any other options on the Vike's roster.

Minnesota has one the best offensive lines in the NFL and perhaps the best, most explosive running back.  The offense would still center around running the ball with AP, and when the moment came for a timely pass, who better to have dropping back in the pocket than the all time leader in touchdown passes?

Now I understand that Favre's abilities appeared to deteriorate over the last five games of the regular season last year.  But Favre had an injured bicep, which even he admits was affecting his play on the field. 

Take out those five games and Favre's numbers look like this: 20 touchdowns to 13 picks, a QB rating of almost 95 and a completion percentage of 71 percent.  I guarantee that is better than anything Jackson or Rosenfels is going to give you next season.

If Favre is willing to come to the training camps and work out with the team during the summer to get in shape, I would be accepting him arms wide open.  Remember, Brett didn't join the Jets until the after the first preseason game! There is no doubt that the lack of training prior to the season could have contributed to the injury and Favre's eventual poor play down the stretch.

Through 11 games last year, the Jets looked like one of the top teams in the NFL and were in great position to gain home field advantage through out the playoffs.  And they were in that position because of Favre, not in spite of him. 

The Vikings are already a playoff contender even without Brett, imagine how far they could go with him.