TNA X-Factor No. 2: Will Hernandez's Injury Allow Homicide To Shine?

Adam TestaCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

In the world of professional wrestling, real-life injuries always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

Such is the case for TNA's Hernandez, one half of the ever popular Latin American Xchange, better known as LAX.

The agile big man suffered a neck injury and has to undergo surgery. Reports give conflicting schedules as to his recovery time, but his official Web site lists it at six to nine months.

This is very unfortunate for Hernandez, as he was in possession of a World Heavyweight title rematch that he won in the Feast or Fired competition. He had previously cashed in against Sting, but the Main Event Mafia interfered.

Now, by the time Hernandez returns, it will either be right before the next Feast or Fired competition or it could even be after it. Very unfortunate timing.

If Hernandez comes back early in the expected time, say six months, or if he pulls as Batista/John Cena and returns early, there's a chance he could cash in before the next competition.

How much of a shock would it be to see Hernandez return, cash in the case and become the company's top champion? The fans would go wild.

But, alas, this isn't a column about Hernandez but rather his tag team partner Homicide, who is also in possession of a Feast or Fired case.


X-Division all-star?

Homicide has earned a shot a the X-Division Championship through his Feast or Fired prize.

But, given the storyline that took Hernandez out, it seems Homicide will first have to focus on fending off the British Invasion, who attacked Hernandez backstage and left him injured.

The time spent feuding with Brutus Magnus and company will allow the company to develop a legitimate feud for Suicide, who will then lose the X-Division title to a heel wrestler.

With a heel holding the belt, Homicide will be able to cash in, pummel the villain and become a hero for the people.

This could even then be rolled into an ongoing feud with the British Invasion. Have him feud with Magnus for the belt. The two could likely put on some stellar matches, as they offer different styles that could blend well.

Having Homicide hold the X-Division title for several months could help elevate him to the next level.

It's a shame Salinas is gone, or she could be kept as his manager. LAX didn't work the best when she and Hector Guerrero were around, but Salinas could work well accompanying Homicide as a solo guy.


What's next?

An X-Division run could elevate Homicide to the next level, where he'd be able to float in the upper midcard for a while.

He could easily fit in with guys like A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe given a little more time to develop as a solo act.

Many people would probably like to see LAX reunited as a tag team when Hernandez returns, but the duo should take some time apart for a bit.

They both have the potential to thrive in solo careers, and this injury and return angle may be the catalyst for great things to come.

Not saying LAX should never reunite, but make it something more special for the fans when it's two top solo stars coming back together for another run as a team.

Here's hoping the best for Hernandez during his recovery. His surgery was said to have gone well, so keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he recovers.

And when he returns to the six-sided ring, expect to see big things from both the big man and his LAX amigo Homicide.