Twin Perspective: Chronicles Of The Fake IPL Player—Part 1

Nandhini ReddyCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009


"Gobsmacked" was my reaction when I first stumbled upon a certain weblog a fortnight ago.

The last few drops of liquid caffeine from the mug in hand refused to go down the throat and my ever incredible contact lenses threatened to dissolve into the vitreous humor.

The blog was being written by one Mr. Fake IPL Player, who claims to be a member of the Kolkata Knight Riders, on the "inside stuff" cooking in the Knight Riders camp. You can have a look at the blog here.

It is the bizarre nomenclature that the fake IPL player uses to address his peers and superiors as much the content of the posts that appears to have become a huge hit.

KKR website has reportedly described the fake IPL player as "poison pen writing of the dirtiest variety but [with] far too many factual errors." 

True, the fake IPL player seems to have made a considerable number of factual errors in his posts. 

One such example: According to him, Vijay Mallya was present at the opening ceremony of the IPL 2009, whereas it is a well known fact that Mallya was roaming in the streets of Shanghai dreaming about Force India on 17th of April 2009.


My assumptions as to who the fake IPL player might be :

Given that the fake IPL player claims himself to be a member of the KKR squad, I believe it is unnecessary to include that in my list of possibilities. 

a. someone from IPL top management in an attempt to popularize IPL

b. someone from KKR top management for precisely the same reason

c. someone from the rival board, the ICL, hoping to shatter the reputation of IPL  

d. a friend/relative representing a furious player/ support staff (Since it is evident that figuring out a certain someone from a handful of players and support staff is no big deal and given that the player claims that he was a mere spectator last season and made it into the team only for IPL 2009)

e. a former player-turned-coach who is unhappy about the fact that IPL was not a part of their cricketing career, having earned comparatively less than their contemporary counterparts earn through the IPL both in terms of mint and fame.


What share of attention has the fake IPL player received?

  • He is being featured on all sorts of media right from telegraph to cricinfo and now for the first time on B/R.
  • An orkut community dedicated to him consisting of 3027 members and still counting (as on 7 May 2009)
  • At least 300 fans in facebook 
  • 5260 blog followers (as on 7 May 2009)
  • A huge number of IPL audience considering the fake ipl player to be "the best thing about IPL 2009" 

The fake IPL player could just as easily have hit the charts for the right reasons as a writer given his fabulous writing skills as for all wrong reasons as a fake IPL player—aka bench warmer at the KKR camp (or so he claims).

I understand that the IPL is no where near the EPL but still a question pops out from my mind. Did a fake EPL player ever exist? A certain someone who would have served as a motivation for the fake IPL player? Football enthusiasts kindly enlighten.

Is a phenomenon like the fake IPL player healthy to the sport in any manner? Voice your opinion.

Altogether, the fake IPL saga is nothing better than a melodrama and nothing short of entertainment.

P.S. This is a two part series titled "Twin perspective". The first part written by me describes the fake IPL player and his blog on a serious note. A hilarious version of the same, written by my twin in the B/R cricket circle, Rocky Getters, will shortly follow. We have agreed upon writing such "Twin perspectives" on a variety of topics. I hope the B/R cricket circle has no issues with this.