A look back From a Young WWE Fan....

Jack JackCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

I remember going to summer camp in 2000.

I remember when we stood in line to go eat, we would just talk.

I remember talking about the WWF and about how hardcore it was and how cool it is.

We enjoyed talking about some great matches.

My camper friends and I would talk about who would win in a dream fight.

We would argue about superstars like the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, Mankind, The Rock, and many others...

Obviously at a young age, all wrestling seems amazing but for some reason this was more than amazing. I still watch the WWE but I don't see the "it" anymore. Maybe it needs alot of blood. Maybe it means that I just don't feel the passion anymore.

That's why I love Randy Orton, MVP, and Shawn Michaels. When I watch them wrestle, I see the passion. I see the love. In my opinion, even Cena and the Undertaker don't have the "it" factor anymore.

I remember seeing a first blood about a year ago were we didn't even see any blood. The camera just showed Cena's mouth and said there was blood in there. That wasn't Mick Foley bleeding everywhere!

Where did it go? The blood, the pain, the misery and passion?

Anybody can wrestle. There is high school wrestling, college wrestling, and minor league wrestling. Why the hell should I ever be bored while watching RAW? Why should I go "um..... maybe I won't watch SmackDown tonight" or "I'm not going to watch ECW because it's boring."

The WWE is a global phenonam and there is no reason why any of the shows should ever be boring. There is no reason why the wrestlers shouldn't have the entire audence on their toes.

I have respect for The Miz and even Cena. They sure aren't amazing, but they go out and try hard and are passionate. And we should all respect that.

But what happened to the Hogans, and HBK's and the people who we knew were going to make this show great?

We knew that Hulkster or the Stone Cold would bring the fire. It just seems that over the last three years, the WWE has gone on a downward spiral.

Sure some people have tried to bring the fire. Edge, Orton and many others haven't done too bad but still, overall it has become way to easy to figure out who brought the passion and actually acted like their mover were real.

This week on RAW, Batista speared one of Legacy, My Dad all of a sudden yelled "Wow, look at Batisita fly!" We paused it and sure enough Batista was off the ground at least three feet high over all.

I really gained respect for Batista there. He sold an amazing move; I wish all superstars brought that passion to the ring.

All I wanted to see was what I remember talking about a long time ago: Say no to a second-rate show.

Thanks for reading. These were just a couple of memories and thoughts about how I wish the WWE was still.

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