John Cena Tweets About His Involvement With 'Total Divas,' Can He Help Ratings?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 26, 2013

Cena, due to appear on Total Divas
Cena, due to appear on Total DivasMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

It looks like Total Divas, WWE's upcoming reality show on E!, is going to have some major star power in the form of John Cena.

But will he be able to boost the show's ratings?

WWE champion Cena took to his Twitter earlier today to announce that he, and some family members, had just finished filming with an E! camera crew:

Cena is, of course, talking about his real-life relationship with Total Divas cast member Nikki Bella. Bella discussed Cena's involvement in a recent radio interview (via Diva-Dirt), noting:

You will definitely see John and I on the show. You will see us just how we are in our every day lives together so I think the world has been awaiting that. People will finally get to see it and I’m exciting [sic] to share it.

It makes sense that WWE would want to capitalize on the the pair's relationship and feature it on Total Divas, due to premiere on the E! Network on July 28.

Cena is by far the biggest star in the company, and the show will surely feel more significant just based on his presence alone. He may also bring in some young male fans who would have avoided the show otherwise.

The argument could also be made that it will present him in a better light. One frequent, and valid, criticism of Cena's character is that it's too cartoonish, one-dimensional and difficult to relate to.

But thanks to Total Divas, fans will get to see the real-life John, the nice, grounded young man from Newbury, Mass. Who knows? It may help him win over some of his haters.

Regardless, though, Total Divas still looks to be a tough sell. It's a wrestling program airing on a network aimed primarily at women, after all.

There's only so much Cena will be able to do for it, no matter how heavily he's involved.