WWE's Current Tag Teams Offer No Real Threat Against The Shield

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

There isn't a team in the WWE tag division who has a shot of dethroning The Shield.

On Monday's WWE Raw, The Usos won the right to face The Shield for the WWE tag titles. But they have just as good a chance of winning as Tahiti did against Spain at the FIFA Confederations Cup. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are at such a higher level than their tag team peers that any loss they suffer will be a major upset.

The Usos beat out Tons of Funk and 3MB for the right to be The Shield's next victims.

Compared to those two comedy teams, Jimmy and Jey Uso are far more believable as threats to The Shield's title reign, but not believable enough. They have gone so long without being a consistent part of WWE TV that their recent stretch of momentum doesn't feel like enough.

The Usos have yet to win a pay-per-view match. The Shield has yet to lose one.

Should Reigns and Rollins do what most expect and dispatch of their newest challengers, which team is capable of knocking them off?

Team Rhodes Scholars' status as heels makes them unlikely challengers, as does WWE's habit of having them go and back from singles competitors to a tag team. The Prime Time Players had their shots at Team Hell No, but lost time and time again.

How likely is it, then, that Titus O'Neil and Darren Young somehow topple the team that has had Team Hell No's number?

Primo and Epico have barely been seen on WWE programming. Teams like Tons of Funk and 3MB are meant to be prey not predators.

That leaves The Shield without many obstacles going forward. Their stellar pay-per-view record and how much the announcers build them up as unstoppable make them a major league team playing in the minors.

Not having a worthy rival will eventually hurt The Shield's entertainment value. Seeing them tear through the division could be fun momentarily, but dominance has little drama. After a few matches with The Usos, Reigns and Rollins are going to need bigger, better opposition.

The Shield's best matches so far have been against randomly put together teams of big-time stars. John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker have all tried their hand at putting an end to The Shield's tyranny.

This is the route WWE must go again to end The Shield's run. If The Shield doesn't implode on its own, it’s going to take creating a new team to take the gold from their grasp.

The trouble with the makeshift teams that have taken them on before is that they lacked cohesion and chemistry. A new team has to gain experience and trust together before taking on the division's kingpins.

WWE should see this as an opportunity to deepen the tag division and give underused superstars a fresh opportunity. The Miz needs something else to do now that his Intercontinental title dreams didn't pan out. Sheamus is going to need an angle after his feud with Damien Sandow ends.

Miz and Sheamus specifically may or may not be the answer. However, pairing former main event stars and world champions like those two may be the only way to create a viable threat to The Shield.

A super team of sorts feels a lot more believable going up against Reigns and Rollins than a duo who has little to no track record.

Had WWE built up The Usos' reputation better up to this point, this wouldn't be an issue. As it stands, the company is going to have to merge two singles stars to create an opposing force for the tag champs.

The current division offers only a number of long shots, underdogs and dark horses.