Bleacher Report Battle Royal Part Deux

robCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

A lot of you guys n' gals seemed to enjoy the first B/R Battle Royal, and I even got a few requests for some more, like a current WWE superstars Battle Royal and an all WCW Battle Royal. We'll do the current wrestlers one first. Same rules apply as the first one, as you will see below...


This is going to be a 30 man, WWE Superstars Battle Royal here on B/R.

The way it will work is, I will list 30 current WWE wrestling superstars. Each B/R writer may eliminate 2 wrestlers of their choice. (Post it through the comments who you would like to eliminate.)

No disputes, no arguments, you may eliminate two people, who have not already been eliminated, no questions asked. You may eliminate two at once, or eliminate one and come back later to eliminate your second choice, but just keep your total eliminations to two.

After 29 men have been eliminated the one last remaining wrestler will be the winner. Even if your favorite or most hated wrestler has already been eliminated, you may still pick two men to be thrown over the top rope.

If it's at the end and there are only two wrestlers left, eliminate the last one. I'm interested in seeing who we wind up with as the winner.

I will try my best to keep the list current as to who has already been eliminated, but just take a look at the comments to see who has previously been thrown out. Let's go...


1. "The Rated R Superstar" Edge---Eliminated

2. The Big Show---Eliminated

3. Kane---Eliminated

4. "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin--Eliminated

5. MVP---Eliminated

6. John Morrison---WINNER!!

7. The Miz---Eliminated

8. Kofi Kingston---Eliminated

9. Matt Hardy---Eliminated

10. "The Extreme Enigma" Jeff Hardy--Eliminated

11. Rey Mysterio---Eliminated

12. CM Punk---Eliminated

13. Finlay---Eliminated

14. Vladimir Kozlov---Eliminated

15. Cody Rhodes---Eliminated

16. Ted DiBiase---Eliminated

17. "The All American American" Jack Swagger--Eliminated

18. Chavo Guerrero---Eliminated

19. Mark Henry---Eliminated

20. "Captain Charisma" Christian--Eliminated

21. Evan "Air" Bourne---Eliminated

22. Mistaaaa Kennedy.......Kennedy---Eliminated

23. "The Animal" Batista---Eliminated

24. Thee Brian Kendrick---Eliminated

25. The Great Khali---Eliminated

26. Carlito---Eliminated

27. Tommy Dreamer---Eliminated

28. Umaga---Eliminated

29. Dolph Ziggler---Eliminated

30. "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton---Eliminated