After Jayhawks' Win, Bill Must Ask Self: For Love or Money?

Rob SlaterContributor IApril 8, 2008

We've seen it all before.

Coach gives his heart and soul building the program.

Coach wins a national championship.

Coach subsequently leaves to accept a big, fat contract at alma mater.

This is the road Bill Self is heading down, and he'll join others who made similar moves. Most recently, Roy Williams went through the same process. Williams, however, went without winning a national championship.

Amassing over 400 victories along with nine regular season Big 12 championships, Williams succeeded Larry Brown with all but the big nation-wide win.

It was whispered in Lawrence that there would never be another Larry Brown to grace the Kansas campus, and some would argue that Williams didn't live up to his standards.

At any other school in America, making the tournament 14 out of 15 seasons would grant you legendary status. In Kansas, however, no national championships means no love. 

Bill Self may have finally proven himself. He sits atop the basketball world with all the power at his disposal, but could easily tumble all the way back down to the bottom.

Coming off Monday night's festivities, Self has ignited the championship-winning ways for the Jayhawks, and is in control of a team that will make more noise next year.

So, why leave?

Allow me to introduce the X-Factor: T. Boone Pickens, Mr. Billionaire himself.

The man-made oil tycoon has vowed to pave a path of money leading Self from Lawrence to Stillwater. This poses an interesting question. Can Self ignore one of the most lucrative contracts in college basketball history to remain with a team where the winning will continue?

Let's be honest. The Cowboys are a second-tier basketball team in a power conference led by...oh, yeah, Kansas.

To the common fan, this is a no-brainer. Self should stay at Kansas and keep on winning championships at the greatest basketball school in history, right?

It's every coach's dream to resurrect his alma mater from the depths to the heavens, but this deal just seems too crazy to accept.  I mean, it is Kansas, right?

The answer can be found only in Bill's inner Self.