Commercial Showing Golfer Smashing Apple Off Man's Head Is Absolutely Unreal

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 24, 2013

All we can say about the latest golf commercial to take over the Internet is that it's absolutely unreal and more than likely fake. 

Kyle Porter of CBS Sports spotted the posted video and shares in our healthy amount of skepticism for this particular ad that is sure to go viral. 

Porter didn't offer much detail outside of the ad coming from the online golf retailer 2nd Swing—an outlet that specializes in used and pre-owned golfing equipment over at 

Unfortunately, Porter wasn't able to offer any explanation as to how the golf equipment retailer managed to create such a captivating commercial, one that should have a healthy amount of Internet denizens offering up a sizable amount of "WTF!"

Before we continue, let's just throw out the requisite "Please don't try this at home" disclaimer. If you do attempt to replicate this venture without some serious visual effects cunning and editing tools, you are going to have a horrible day. 

Of course, your misfortune will not be as bad as the knucklehead you convince to place a perfectly good apple on top of his head. 

I will go ahead and assume this is fake and nothing more than complete mastery of video editing, which still deserves a great round of applause from a cynical collection of Internet dwellers. 

A company specializing in second-hand equipment just made a first-rate ad, one that absolutely had my attention. 

Now, if it is real, I will stand corrected and absolutely amazed. 


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