It's Time for Sports To Become the Business of the People

Bo DonnellyContributor IMay 5, 2009

Business and sports...a lot of folks have tried through the years to separate the two.  Business is the free market expression of the people. Through business we get all the things we value in exchange for money which can be used for the same purpose.

It's all so simple, so why do people detest the idea of business?  That's a tough question, but I can only guess that it's a matter of trust.  If so, I am prompted to ask myself why do people mistrust business? 

I mean, the whole idea of "what's best for you is best for me" is the very essence of business, and who can find fault with everyone getting what's best for themselves? 

So the whole idea of mistrust and business must be the result of misunderstanding.  There simply is no reason to mistrust business, which is by nature and definition only what is best for everyone.

Perhaps there is some sort of philosophical struggle which leads to confidence woes amongst people concerning the role of business in society.  In any event, business will always be exactly what it is, the free expression of work and reward. 

In this light, the time is now for the business of sports to rise up and establish itself and to organize and define the sports order of the future. 

The new tools which have been made especially available to sports over the last 15 years of computers and the Internet mean that there are so many opportunities for sports to define itself and themselves and establish true order to the sporting world.

Just as business is the true expression of work and reward, so is sports the true expression of business. Our athletes represent our successes, and, through our sports teams and heroes, we measure our efforts.

Furthermore, our teams and athletes represent our community and all the businesses and profit bearing organizations doing business in and from our community, and they are also able to measure their successes through the successes of our sports heroes and teams. 

This is the crucial role of sports in society and why this is such an important issue to address in the sports world.

The time is now to bring in the businessmen, the financiers, the engineers, the programmers, and the mathematicians and get down to the business of organizing the sports order of the future.

There's now a great opportunity for sports to do just that, and I hope the leaders of sport step up and seize the initiative. The future will certainly thank them.