My Nasty 9 of Baseball

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IApril 8, 2008

            After seeing the great popularity that my “Fave 5” article had on the Bleacher Report, I decided to do the same thing for baseball. In this article, I have selected my favorite player at each position, not based necessarily on their abilities but also other factors such as hometown allegiances, excitement to watch, effort exhibited, so on. Anyway, here’s my Nasty 9 (11 if you count my utility and relief pitcher pick). Feel free to tell me what you think, and even leave a copy of your own Nasty 9 if you’d like.


Catcher: Russell Martin

            At what is traditionally known as a slow-footed position, Martin can run with the best of them. His fielding and batting aren’t too shabby either, and he’s not even at his prime yet.

1st Base: Albert Pujols

            Unbelievable offensive talent combined with spectacular defense and consistency always makes Pujols a fun player to watch.

2nd Base: Robinson Cano

            I truly believe that Cano will win both a batting title and a gold glove in the near future.

3rd Base: Alex Rodriguez

            He’s simply the greatest player in the game.

Shortstop: TroyTulowitzki

            A natural leader and talented athlete, in just his rookie season Troy has already played in a World Series and given the world reason to believe that he’s the best defensive player in the game. Already.

Left Field: Ryan Braun

            In his rookie season, Braun showed skills with the bat that he wasn’t supposed to have for years. It’s scary how good this kid could be.

Center Field: Melky Cabrera

            It’s a shame Melky didn’t win a gold glove last year, because he deserved it. This year, he’s already begun to remind everybody why the Yankees hesitated to trade him for Johan Santana.

Right Field: Ichiro Suzuki

            He doesn’t play the position anymore, but I don’t care. Ichiro’s defense is at another level, and he always finds a way to make an impact on the offensive side of the game.

Utility: Brandon Inge

            He plays catcher, 3rd base, and now center field. Not to mention, he’s a pretty good hitter as well. He’s definitely someone I’d want on my bench.

Starting Pitcher: Micah Owings

            In only his rookie, season, Owings has already established himself as one of the best offensive pitchers we’ve seen since Babe Ruth. Now, with his pitching skills beginning to catch up to his back, Owings is becoming a force unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

Relief Pitcher: Joba Chamberlain

            The Yankees young fire-baller may be the most exciting player to watch in the game today.