May FREE RUGBY RAFFLE: Try for Others T-Shirts!

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009
May FREE RUGBY RAFFLE: Try For Others T-shirts!

This month's raffle is a really exciting not-for-profit company that is dedicated to helping critically injured persons live a more active and independent lifestyle. I have a few of their shirts and they are sexy, stylish and comfortable!

Read below for a bit more about Try For Others (TFO) and then enter the raffle by emailing me, Facebooking me or leave your entry in the comments. This month's raffle is for two winners! You will win one of the tshirts below!

Try For Others is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping critically injured persons live a more active and independent lifestyle. TFO sponsors exercise based rehabilitation for critically injured athletes and provides activities that allow those with disabling conditions to experience a life with no limits. » recent recipients » endorsements


Dominic Cooke's journey in life began on December 12, 1979 in Sacramento, California. Born to English parents, Brendan and Penelope, Dominic would join his older brother, and eventually, younger sister as the family's first generation of Americans.

Despite his American upbringing, Dominic's parent's reminded their kids of their English heritage, regularly making trips across the pond with the entire family. It was on one of these early family vacations that Dominic was first introduced to the game of rugby. » READ FULL STORY



The TFO brand believes in fashion not only being an expression of lifestyle but also an expression of life philosophy. It promotes socially conscious principles and encourages individuals to adopt practices that inspire humanity.

All proceeds from TFO APPAREL benefit programs to provide opportunities for person with disabilities to challenge their limitations, defy stereotypes, and re-define the meaning of being disabled. » SHOP TFO APPAREL

To enter this month's raffle, please either email me, Facebook me or leave your entry in the blog comments. The last date to enter the raffle is May 14, 2009. A winner will be picked around May 15, 2009 and will be notified via email and the announcement will be posted on this blog as well.

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Please continue to donate items to this raffle so I can keep it going!

When I started out doing my monthly Free Rugby Raffle back in August 2008 I had plenty of free merchandise (thank you to everyone who donated!) to give away, but now my stash is running low! Please let me know if you would like to donate any items for the monthly Free Raffle!

Please email me at if you are interested, and please pass the word on to any of your friends etc. The blog posts about your will never be removed and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers!

Have a new product that you want to highlight? Send it my way! Have old out of date World Cup jerseys, hats, balls or t-shirts you need to get rid of? Send it my way and I will raffle it off! Anything rugby can be donated and I will raffle it off for free! Thanks for your participation and support!

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