2015 5-Star Trenton Thompson Reveals Favorites, Compares Himself to Warren Sapp

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJune 21, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Trenton Thompson is the No. 2 defensive tackle and No. 8 recruit in the 2015 class, according to 247Sports. 

At 6'3'' and 292 pounds, he should have no problem physically dominating most opponents when he suits up for Westover High School in Albany, Ga.

Bleacher Report recently talked to Thompson on the phone about his recruitment, his favorites, why he could be the next Warren Sapp and much more.

Bleacher Report: What's the recruiting process been like so far for you?

Thompson: It's been great. I've got like 10 offers, most from the SEC. It's going real good; I'm just living it right now.

B/R: How has being such a highly ranked recruit impacted your life? Has it changed how people treat you? Has it changed your social life?

TT: It changed a lot. Everywhere I go, people are like, 'There's Trent Thompson, No. 1 defensive tackle, 5-star.' When I went to Florida State, everybody knew who I was.

B/R: Who's recruiting you hardest?

TT: Everybody [laughs].

B/R: What are your favorite programs?

TT: Georgia, Florida State, Tennessee. That's really it right now.

B/R: What do you like the most about Florida State?

TT: It's a family. I'm not saying it's not a family anywhere else. It's more relaxed up there, but when it's time to work, we're going to work.

I like the coaching staff. I like Coach [Odell] Haggins and Coach Sal [Sunseri]. I like all the coaches, but those are my two favorite coaches when I go over there, especially Coach Haggins.

You can tell it's a real family up there.

B/R: What about Georgia?

TT: My first offer, the first school that I visited. You know, when you get that first offer, you can't leave them behind.

B/R: How much does getting your first offer from Georgia mean to you?

TT: It means a lot. All the work I put in when I was going through my 10th-grade year during the summertime. All the hard work I put in through the summer, all the conditioning. Going to the weight room like three times a day...

B/R: Tennessee is real hot right now in recruiting. What are your thoughts?

TT: They were telling me about the D-line...how I'm going to play the 3-technique. They're losing like six seniors, and they'll probably lose about four next year, too. I was like, 'Dang, I can have a spot early.'

B/R: Georgia plays a 3-4. Do you think you can play the 3-4?

TT: I really don't like the 3-4. To me, the 3-4 just really worries about the linebackers making the plays. They want two ends to take on two blockers, and the nose guard to stay right there, and the linebackers can make the plays.

B/R: Would you rather play in a 4-3 system?

TT: I love playing in the 4-3. We play that at my school. I love playing that. 


B/R: Are you a 1-technique or 3-technique?

TT: I play the 3. I play the strong side. Sometimes they put me at end on the goal line.

B/R: How would you describe yourself as a football player?

TT: I've got size, speed. Good speed for a big man. I've got a good motor, and I like chasing after the ball.

B/R: If you could compare yourself to an NFL or college player, who would it be?

TT: A lot of people say I remind them of Warren Sapp, because I have the motor to get after the ball.

B/R: Do you think that's a good comparison?

TT: Yeah, I like Warren Sapp. Before the game, I watch his highlights, and Haloti Ngata's.

B/R: Does it pump you up?

TT: Oh yeah. I watch them and I imagine myself making plays like they do.

B/R: Are you planning on taking visits?

TT: I want to go to South Carolina, but I've got work, so I don't know yet. I might be going to Florida, and I'll probably go back to Florida State and Georgia pretty soon in July.

B/R: Do you have a timetable on a commitment?

TT: I'll probably just wait it out. I really don't see myself committing right now.

B/R: What are you looking for in a school?

TT: I'm looking for a family. I'm looking forward to getting my degree. I'm looking to work hard wherever I go and for people to push me.

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