In The Cross-Hair: A Most Valuable Presence, Legacy Cemented

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMay 5, 2009

Welcome to another addition of "In the Cross-Hair" as we recap the road to Judgement Day.

Raw starts an odd proposed main event of the night with Randy and Shane.


Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon

On his way to the ring, Shane gets ambushed by Ted and Cody and the fight is taken to the people in the crowd.

After making his way back to the ring, Shane gets blindsided by Legacy while trying to put Orton through the announcement table.

MVP comes out to help since his hours with Sherri Sheppard have come to a halt.

Instead, MVP gets caught in the cross-hair and becomes another victim of Legacy—until Batista makes his way to the squared circle with intentions to destroy Randy Orton.

Randy escapes, and that leads to Vickie Guerrero coming out to remind us every five minutes that she is the GM, and that she lays down the interesting "Earn and You're In" stipulation to all Legacy members.

So we have Ted vs. Batista, and Cody vs. Shane to decide who is going to join Shane-Orton in the main event tonight.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring, followed by Kofi Kingston. Matt makes us aware of the fact that he is wrestling under protest tonight.


Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

It's a solid matchup as Kofi picks up the win with Trouble in Paradise, but is caught with some trouble of his own when he gets a taste of Matt's cast.

Highlight: Matt's ability to wrestle with one hand is no doubt a new weapon in his ever expanding arsenal.

Matt is on his way to becoming a great heel. He may not be the monster heel or an incarnation of Randy Orton or Chris Jericho, but he's holding his own quite well on Raw and his Mattitude shines through.

As for Kofi, he's able to entertain the crowd with any opponent. That speaks volumes for his wrestling skills.

We're shown a graphic of the matches tonight and a brief glimpse of the Niagara Falls.


Santino, Kelly Kelly, and Chavo Guerrerro talk about a pandemic

Santino tells KK that his sister won't make it tonight since she has come down with swine flu thanks to Vickie.

Chavo interrupts the Italian Stallion and tells him that if he wants to succeed on Raw, then he should think before speaking.

Santino apologizes and asks Chavo to send a message filled with pig squeals to Vickie Guerrero.

You can thank the wrestling gods that Santino got a segment. Look forward to the rest of a Santino-lite program.

Lawler and Cole discuss John Cena's injuries as Big Show makes his way into Vickie's office.


The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero segment

Big Show says that he wants to end Cena's career tonight, which prompts Vickie to remind him of Cena's internal injuries. Vickie proposes a match between them at Judgement Day.


MVP and Bella Twins chat about The View

The discussion about the View ends up turning into an invitation to a date. MVP says that he's going to like it here on Raw.

I think MVP deserves the perks that come following a huge losing streak.

MVP vs. Cody RhodesWin and You're in Match

MVP makes his way to the ring and we have William Regal as the guest commentator for this match.

It's a short matchup but with an entertaining finish that sees Regal interfere in the match, thus allowing Cody Rhodes to take the win via count out.

Whether Regal's intentions were to help Cody win or to soften MVP up before challenging him for the US Championship, Regal's cowardly move will make for an interesting rivalry between the veteran and the rising star.

Highlight: Regal is very good on the mic and his work here deserves praise as his attention to detail and observations regarding Raw's opening graphic are spot on.


Jillian seeks Amy and Festus while The King watches; Miz tells Cena an inconvenient truth

I thought Jillian was done with her singing gimmick but I was wrong.

Festus sings and wins by a landslide, which prompts the Miz to interrupt, snatching the mic from a frozen Festus.

He says that the reason why Cena did not accept his challenge was because he's afraid and has no self respect.

Miz goes on to talk about Cena's stupid gimmick and his injuries, and he stops when he sees Cena approaching the ring on the Titan Tron.

Cena doesn't show, which leads to Miz telling the fans about the reason behind Cena's gimmick, even going as far as mentioning that he mailed his latest script to the Rock, who needed toilet paper.

Miz has had enough and says that, for the record, he has beaten Cena twice.

Miz calls Lillian worthless. Unfortunately, he's interrupted by an injured Cena who then is interrupted by a seven foot giant, who decimates John.

A rather boring sing off between Jillian and Festus ensues, but we're saved by the Miz, whose mic skills are improving greatly. His words delivered a great blow to all of the Cena fans. Big Show's interruption was needed to sell their match for Judgement Day, although I would've personally loved to see the Miz and Cena in a one-on-one confrontation.

This promo is a testament to Raw's goal of pushing the younger talent such as MVP and Miz.  It seems that Raw is on track right to moulding future super stars.

Highlight: Miz was sporting an armband that had the words "Miz 1 Cena 0" written on it.

Mickie James vs. Maryse

Mickie switches to aggressive mode in this match and dominated. It was an overdue divas singles competition.

I'm liking Mickie's mean streak and how she handled Maryse in the match. Hopefully, this leads to a Divas Championship feud, as she had her eyes locked on the belt.

Batista does a little jump backstage and gets ready for his match against Ted DiBiase.

Highlight: the hair flip gets interrupted by Mickie.


Batista vs. Ted DiBiase

Batista's power game and Ted's technical prowess combine well, but this had "disqualification ending" written all over it. Batista pounded on Ted as the referee counted and then awarded Ted DiBiase the win. This frustrated Batista even more.

Backstage, Chavo and Vickie talk about tonight's main event. Chavo proposes that if Batista were to interfere in tonight's matchup, then he should be stripped of his title shot at Judgement Day.

Without waiting for Vickie's response, he sets off telling her that he will let everyone know about her decision.

I thought that a solid match awaited us when Batista and Ted entered the ring; I guess Vickie is a tool to be used by anyone at any time.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Cool Carlito

TBH is still in the WWE, which is proof that miracles do exist.

Carlito gets the pin fall after a Backstabber in what was a short bout.

Legacy talk strategy in the locker room in preparation for the main event.

Batista catches up with Shane to apologize, and tells him that he can count on Batista at Judgement Day.

Shane doesn't seem to care about his apology and walks away.


Legacy vs. Shane McMahon

Cody enters the ring first to wrestle Shane, who tags in Orton, who, in turn, uses the advantage to help DiBiase punish Shane.

Despite the Legacy's efforts, Shane was able to keep up with the third generation super stars until the momentum shifted when he crashed through the announcement table.

Orton senses an opportunity and goes to work with Ted and Cody, injuring Shane's leg with a little help from a chair.

The officials stop the match and carry Shane to the back on a stretcher as Batista comes out and Orton tells him that his Judgement Day is coming.

I don't know why it took so long to take Shane McMahon out of the picture, but let's hope that Triple H doesn't make a surprise appearance next week.

One reason could be that the officials might not have faith in Batista's promo skills and, honestly, who does?

In an effort to stretch the McMahon-Orton rivalry, all of the family members have now been hospitalised. This feud is far from over.


Final Thoughts

This week's Raw wasn't heavy on action. We had a few matches with potential to be entertaining yet there wasn't enough time to fully capitalise on that potential.


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