Is It Time to Change Mayweather's Moniker to Chicken Boy Floyd?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMay 5, 2009

LAS VEGAS - MAY 02:  (L-R) Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. poses with boxer Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico during a news conference announcing the return of Mayweather Jr. to the ring and his upcoming fight against Marquez on July 18 during the news conference at the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino May 2, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The word out of Las Vegas is that after months of behind the scenes negotiations, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. couldn't wait one more day to set up the fight everyone wants to see happen.

The question now is, will this proposed Mayweather/Pacquiao mega-fight ever happen?

And why couldn't Jr. wait one more day?

When Larry Merchant pointed out that Mayweather has always had a sense of "perspicacity" when choosing opponents, I know I wasn't the only one reaching for the dictionary to find out what the word meant.

According to Webster's, perspicacity means, "of acute mental vision or discernment."

In other words, Merchant was saying that Mayweather won't fight people he doesn't think he can beat...

Which is why people are wondering if the fight boxing fans around the world want to see more than any other might never actually happen.

Because, for all of Floyd Jr.'s skill, he probably can't beat Manny Pacquiao at this point in time. Most likely he would have to get on a bicycle just to survive, and no one is going give him points for doing that.

A lot of people think that the money will be too great for Floyd to turn down, but he turned down millions to fight Oscar De La Hoya a second time, and I don't think that fight would have turned out much different than their first battle...which he won going away.

Mayweather tried to steal the Pac-Man's thunder last Saturday and ended up with egg on his face when Manny's total destruction of Hatton so eclipsed his unretirement announcement that most boxing scribes didn't even waste their time to write about it.

Now comes word that the Juan Manuel Marquez fight isn't even a sure thing as the two camps continue to argue whether they are fighting at a catch weight of 144 pounds or the full 147-pound welterweight limit.

If that fight doesn't happen, PBF, the man who glossed himself the "King" on Saturday, will have to grovel like a knave to fight either Sugar Shane Mosley or Manny.

And it's pretty obvious now that Mayweather doesn't really want to fight either of them—most likely because he knows he can't beat them.

He for sure can't beat Paul Williams either, although I would give him the nod over Miguel Cotto.

So, the ball is in Mayweather's court, and right now it's questionable whether he's the king of his court or just another joker like his Dad.