Number One/Numero Uno

jose valderazContributor IMay 5, 2009

An agreement has been met and a date has been set for July 18 and the winner could possibly face the pound for pound king known as the "Pacman" Manny Paquiao. This fight between Marquez and Mayweather is going to be the fight of the summer. Taking that into consideration, who's the favorite to win?

Are the odds in favor of the undefeated money Mayweather or are the odds in favor of the champ who has only proven to grow stronger as he moves up in weight. Mayweather is already talking trash, arrogantly looking past Marquez onto Paquiao, but who's to say that he even defeats Marquez!

I don't know about you guys but let's look at this from a promoters point of view. Everybody wants to see the then pound for pound king due battle with the now pound for pound king, right? Why?

Surely 80 percent of us agree that Mayweather is a boring fighter who rarely takes the fight to his opponents! De la Hoya, Hatton, does that ring a bell?  Now, everybody would much rather see Marquez and Paquiao III, at least here you'd get your money's worth, rather than watch a one sided bout.

Before you decide to disagree on this comment, do us both a favor and watch the first two fights and then watch Mayweather's last two bouts and tell me what was more entertaining.

Enough of that, let's pick a winner. Mayweather always gets the win when it's by decision so we can assure that Marquez will be going for the KO. From past experiences we also know that Mayweather will stay on the defense, picking his shots and counter punching his opponent, but will his coming out of retirement have any effect on his performance? It seems to me that Mayweather is underestimating Marquez entirely. 

In order for Marquez to come out of the fight victorious, he needs to surprise the arrogant pretty boy with powerful body shots and speed. Chop him down and shut him up once and for all.

Marquez isn't looking past July 18, nor is he worried about the big possible payout, all he is concerned with is his undefeated opponent. We know that Marquez is slow starter and that he becomes more aggressive as the fight progresses so I wouldn't be surprised if he is dropped by Mayweather in the early rounds. 

Mayweather is predicted to win by decision, hands down. The world wants to see Paquiao vs. Mayweather (The battle for Supremacy). Hopefully the boxing commission doesn't screw Marquez! Judges could easily be bought and with the sport of boxing being said to be "near death" it is a strong possibility. Paquiao vs. Marquez or Paquiao vs. Mayweather will without a doubt sell out the arena! But which would actually gross more PPV revenue?

Marquez must KO Mayweather to ensure his victory, all Mayweather has to do is not be KO'd in order to win. Golden Boy promotions is going to make a pretty penny off of this fight regardless of what the outcome maybe.