Jay Cutler Versus Kyle Orton: Round One to Orton

Brett SoleskyCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

LAKE FOREST, IL - APRIL 3: Jay Cutler attends a press conference as the Chicago Bears introduced him as their new on April 3, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois. (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)

So here I am, wondering if the media is already in a bit of a controversy-driven mode over the Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton trade.

Lord knows there will be plenty of talk about the Cutler and Orton trade until one of them is out of the league.

The season will bring an overwhelming amount of hype and analysis—especially in week three of the preseason, when they will go head to head for the majority of the game.

Never mind the statistical analysis and comparison that will go on and on. Stats most football fans won’t care to hear about or even care to look up will be talked about forever on end.

But there was just something that struck me tonight reading on the Chicago Sun Times that got me thinking—and has me already irked with Jay Cutler.

I was reading about Kyle Orton and how serious he is in attempting to fit in in Denver. I was struck by the 14 hours a day Orton spent immersing himself in film and in the Broncos new playbook, and how Orton put in these long hours up until his new wife joined in him in their new rented home in Denver.

The first thing that popped into my head was the pictures of Jay Cutler out at the club drinking with Greg Olsen. At the time of the release of the photos, I wasn’t particularly irked by Cutler’s nightlife habits. But now I am. After careful examination and thinking of it I am pretty irritated that Cutler was already caught out drinking showing to be MORE than a little tipsy.

I can’t put out of my mind as a former Arizona resident the images of Hot Tub Matt and his party escapades—which caused a lot of controversy in Arizona. I laughed out loud at the pathetic loser that is Matt Leinart for his beer bong photo.The  overblown, former USC QB has an obvious drinking problem, which has affected his development for the Cardinals organization.

As a lifelong Bears fan nothing has been more enjoyable that making fun of the Arizona Cardinals and everything that makes them the long-time losers they are. So proud the day they landed Leinart who had apparently fallen in the draft. He was supposed to be a steal at the 10th slot of the draft, but instead has been a bum as a starter and his since been benched behind the geriatric and immobile Kurt Warner.

Leinart's antics were also in the offseason, and shortly before a mini-camp workout was supposed to take place within a week or two. Sure, it’s the offseason and professional athletes are entitled to enjoy themselves. As was the case with Leinart, Bears fans have made fun of Orton for some of his drunken face photos with chicks.

So the question I am asking myself—and all Bears fans—is how bad of a precedent is it that Cutler was here barely a week and was caught in public drunk?

When the franchise quarterback you just traded for just came from a situation in which he was accused of being immature, how mature is it for him to be caught like this? Does the raise questions this early in his tenure about maturity?

Shouldn’t Cutler’s goal be to avoid situations like this and keep a low-profile and a nose to the grind stone work ethic to avoid arising any concerns given his recent behavior?

I am not disputing Cutler’s right to go out and have a little fun, especially in the offseason. I just think there has to be a certain level of maturity shown for a while so as not tarnish the golden-boy savior image that he currently has in Chicago.

First impressions say the world about a player—and my first impression with Cutler has taken a hit due to the images of him out drinking.

Personally, I’d rather be reading stories about him putting in 14 hour days to prove himself—especially given the high expectations he faces here in Chicago. Chicago is no less rabid a football city than Denver, the expectations are just as high.

So while Jay Cutler may feel secure enough that he is the untouchable golden boy, perhaps hero of the city for the next 10 to 12 years, the fact of the matter is he still have to live up to a reasonable level of expectations. He still needs to show the maturity level that made him worthy of this blockbuster trade.

Plus he must outperform Kyle Orton in the public relations and media battle as well, as every aspect of football statistic that will be floated out there.

After today, he’s already lost one battle to Orton.