Celtics Send Bulls Back to the Drawing Board

Alex LapeniaCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

The Celtics sent the Bulls home back to Chicago on Saturday. Should they have their heads down?

Hell no.

They played a great seven game series against the defending champs. How many overtime games were there? Six. That's amazing, and it was an NBA record.

Granted the Celtics were without the "Big Ticket" Kevin Garnett, but the Bulls held their own, away and at home.

The Bulls played with a lot of heart and passion, and according to Kirk Hinrich, they played with energy and perseverance that they didn't even know they had.

We saw a glimpse of what Joakim Noah could do, after putting up a measly 6.7 PPG and only 7.60 RPG, in the playoffs he put up 10.1 PPG and 13.10 RPG. Not bad for the big man from Florida, but he needs to be more consistent.

Oh, and did I Mention?

Derrick Rose won Rookie of the Year, and what a great year he had. He was a leader on this Bulls team, and stepped up and made a difference. He's definitely someone the Bulls can build around in the future.

But going into the offseason, there are a lot of questions.

What's going to happen to Ben Gordon? Will he be back as a Bull, or will he test the free agent market?  

Who will the Bulls draft? I'm hoping they draft another young big man, a four or a five and, the Bulls luck out this year with two first round picks, the 16th and the 24th (via Denver).  

In a few mock drafts I've noticed that people have the Bulls picking Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough. Nonetheless, they have the Bulls getting a guard and a power forward.  

We'll see though, maybe the play of Noah has convinced the Bulls that he's their center. But with Brad Miller aging, we'll see what happens.

Vinny Del Negro should be proud of what he's done. The Bulls improved their overall record from last year by 6 games, and he led them to a 7th seed playoff berth, while taking the Celtics to 7 games.

Not bad for a guy who's got no real coaching experience, right?

The Bulls had a good year and there is only room for improvement. I hope to see big things from them next year.