Oakland Athletics: A New Black at the Coliseum

MR. MARKCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

Even though I am a hardcore Seattle Mariners fan, I've always come to love the Oakland Athletics. (Unlike the Angels, who I deeply despise.)

It could possibly be that along with Seattle, I consider the Bay Area one of the greatest places in the world. 

Or better yet, it could be because the Mariners have won five of the six meetings against the A's this season. (There was a very close series sweep in Oakland, and two impossible, overtime heartbreakers for the Athletics in Seattle.)

More than anything else though, it's because I loved the way the A's produced talent out of thin air. From a young Johnny Damon, to the big three of Zito, Hudson, and Mulder. Some of the best sluggers, such as Giambi and Tejada, were my favorite players during their original stints in Oakland.

Then of course, Billy Beane and the infamous "Moneyball" would kick in. The A's would lose every talent they worked so hard to create. Time and time again, great players would leave the Athletics and enter a career of mediocrity with another team.

Yet the A's would still compete year after year, as I'd catch myself cheering for them every single time.

But enough about that.

This season, the Athletics have added another dimension to what I believe are the best uniforms in baseball.

Not many teams can honestly say they can beat the green and gold, topped with the trademark white shoes.

I think it is fair to say that the Athletics' jerseys, hats, and jackets are definitely one of the most popular merchandise in baseball. 

Despite what others say, alternate jerseys have become a fantastic part of baseball.

Up until now, the superior alternate jerseys belonged to the Red SoxMets, Rangers, Marlins, Twins, Mariners, White Sox, and the A's green uniforms.

With Beane taking cues from Al Davis, the Oakland Athletics can now officially say they have the best uniforms in all of baseball.

The new jersey embodies Oakland's rebellious and rowdy personality. With Giambi's second coming, the new jerseys stay true to the A's classic persona, while adding some new flare.