Zeb Colter, Antonio Cesaro and Mick Foley Featured on the Daily Show

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 19, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE again received some mainstream attention thanks to Zeb Colter, this time when John Oliver responded to Antonio Cesaro's new manager on The Daily Show.

On Monday's WWE Raw, the Swiss Superstar joined forces with Colter, taking out their mutual frustrations about the direction of the country on Cesaro's opponent. What caught Comedy Central's attention was the debate the WWE announcers had during Cesaro’s match with William Regal, where they mentioned Oliver by name.

Colter has been harping against immigrants since his arrival. He has argued that they are the main cause for so many of America’s ills. For him to then team up with a European immigrant stirs up questions of racism and prejudice.

Oliver, who has taken over hosting duties in Jon Stewart's absence, showed the clip from WWE Raw and praised WWE for making more valid points in the immigration debate than those made by government officials.

He called it "a good discussion about the ambivalence and hypocrisy at the heart of our policies."

It's not often that WWE happenings get reported on by news organizations, but Colter's controversial rhetoric has changed that. Touching on a sensitive issue and mocking conservative dogma has had Colter and WWE become the target of conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

This time around, the reception was extremely positive. Oliver was excited about this debate being combined with "half-naked men fighting."

Oliver ran with the angle and responded to Colter's assertion that immigrants were like "rats in the street." With a retro WWE title belt on his shoulder, his suit sleeves torn and fire roaring on a green screen behind him, the British comedian cut a hilarious promo. Watch the full video here.

Mick Foley joined him to add to the fun.

Oliver and Foley called out Colter, questioning his toughness and refuting his views. It is the first wrestling trash-talking session in history that has used the phrase, "that is the economic reality of the situation."

Foley told Colter that "while immigrants are taking the path to citizenship, you'll be crawling down the path to the emergency room."

Beyond being an amusing merging of worlds, the fact that Cesaro and Colter are being introduced to an audience who largely does not know who they are has to make the WWE very happy. The more eyes Colter’s controversy can bring to the product, the better.

This is further proof of Colter's power as a manager.

Joining Colter in his growing militia means added exposure for Cesaro, whose talent hasn't translated into major success with the company as of yet. Colter's ability to unsettle us with his rants helped Jack Swagger earn a WrestleMania world title bout. It could mean similar success for Cesaro in the future.

Let's just hope it doesn't lead to John Oliver vs. Zeb Colter at SummerSlam.