Freddie Roach Talks to 8 Count News: Post Fight

8count NewsContributor IMay 4, 2009

Original article by Brad Cooney for caught up with famed fight trainer Freddie Roach as he was driving across the desert back to Los Angeles. Roach tells 8CN that he is very pleased with Manny's performance, and looks for Manny to return to the ring in November or December. Roach also makes it clear that he doesn't like Floyd Mayweather Sr., and tells us what he had to say to him after the fight. Check out what else the most famous fight trainer in the world had to say, only on 8CountNews!


BC: Freddie you're on the way back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas at this very moment. Give us your thoughts on Manny's performance.


FR: He had a great performance. We had a good game plan going into this, and we knew Ricky Hatton well. I told Manny if he didn't knock him out within three rounds that I would be disappointed, and everything worked out perfectly.


BC: Were you at all surprised by how ineffective Ricky Hatton was?


FR: He made fundamental mistakes. Me and Michael watched tapes together, we knew that he was very subject to a left hook. The final punch was the left hook, and that was the most perfect shot that you will ever see in life.


BC: It was the most devastating hook that I have ever seen. Were you concerned with Ricky Hatton's health at that point? It appeared that he was hurt very badly by that hook.


FR: Yeah, you know he was knocked out before he hit the ground. He went down really hard, and we knew he wasn't going to get up after that. Manny is a great puncher at 140 pounds now, the 8 weeks of hard work, and the game plan intact, he's is unbelievable at this point.


BC: Were you surprised at all by the little head movement that Ricky had?


FR: I thought he would have boxed him a little more. I knew he would come forward sooner or later, but he came forward right away. As soon as Manny closed the distance, it was over.


BC: Now all eyes are on a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Mayweather just signed to fight Marquez. Are you surprised by the timing of all of this?


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