Kids at Basketball Camp Erupt in Cheers After 75-Foot 'Ice Cream' Shot

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That shot was sweeter than ice cream. 

It just so happens that this 75-foot heave won the entire group of kids on the court some ice cream, so it makes perfect sense they would erupt in enthusiastic cheers. 

A tip of the hat to Bob's Blitz for spotting this wonderful video of a basketball camp filled with kids getting the one thing they wanted. 

According to its report, it all goes down at the annual Steve Prohm Basketball Camp. One of the coaches, Marcus Smith, was tasked with the aptly named "ice cream shot," making him one brave man. 

I know I wouldn't want to take a shot three-quarters the length of the court, only to disappoint a bunch of kids chanting, "ice cream shot, ice cream shot, ice cream shot!"

Fortunately for Smith, his one-handed toss was far more accurate than anything I might offer, and the crowd goes wild. 

It reminds me of a similar shot that took place right before this year's Super Bowl. 

That is a first grader by the name of Blake Harper, who won his classmates at Bethesda (Md.) Mater Dei School a Monday off of school, via Yahoo! Sports.  

So wait, kids are now getting free ice cream and days off school because of basketball shots? I guess I was officially born in the wrong decade. 

The best thing we ever got for an amazing shot was a pat on the back and kind words. Now, if you excuse me, I have a sizable amount of ice cream to enjoy. 

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