Do You Really Think That Mark Henry Will Win the WWE Title?

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2013

For starters, I must admit that the WWE is on an upswing. There are many things to still critique, but with all the returns, debuts and soon-to-be debuts, things are looking up. Hopefully, with all of this ammunition, WWE Creative finds a way to reinvent the product and not put it all to waste.

This brings us to one of the most memorable moments in recent Raw history—the Mark Henry "retirement" segment. Starting from cryptic tweets after his loss at Extreme Rules to Sheamus, Henry was teasing as if he was going to officially hang up his boots after 17 years in the business.

Yes, there is still someone left from the Attitude Era.

His comments led many to believe that his last days as a WWE superstar were upon us. The timetable for his return was uncertain, and no direction was concrete due to his current loss.

Then, all of a sudden, we saw the WWE show vignettes of Henry returning on Raw. This added more anticipation due to the nature of his tweets. Even WWE played it as if it was his farewell, suggesting that he was going to give a retirement speech.

Which he did—well, sorta.

Mark Henry pulled an amazing ruse over much of the WWE Universe's (self-acclaimed) abundant foreknowledge. Instead of retiring, he blindsided John Cena after requesting for him to witness his speech firsthand. As Cena attempted to hug Henry, he experienced a full-on World's Strongest Slam and a challenge for the WWE Championship.

This is the only thing that Henry mentioned he regrets not achieving. Now, his opportunity is present, and it may be his last.

Following the World's Strongest Slam: "You think it's that easy... I gotta lot left in the tank!" Such harmonious words said by the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Despite this incredible momentum that Mark Henry is gaining, the question still remains: Do you really think that he will become WWE Champion?

As much as it bothers me to say this, I don't see Mark Henry winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank. Sadly—similar to Ryback—Mark Henry will be just another pawn in John Cena's long title run. Although he is a great choice to compete against Cena, he is just there to make his title run look even better.

Not convinced yet? Well think of it from this perspective.

SummerSlam is one of the big-four pay-per-views presented by the WWE, and arguably the second biggest PPV of the year.

Via, "SummerSlam is likely ranked as the second biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year, after WrestleMania.  However, unlike Wrestlemania which contains great spectacle and large scale feuds coming to a head, SummerSlam is generally a very well rounded card full of outstanding matches." 

With that being said, Vince McMahon is looking for a match that would draw the most money, and the people involved who will most likely make that happen. Although I am fully on board with Mark Henry winning the WWE title, it just wouldn't be good for business—at least for the time being.

Mark Henry capturing the title at MITB and John Cena chasing it leading into SummerSlam would not be as intriguing as, say, Daniel Bryan chasing the title against John Cena. Daniel Bryan is the most over superstar in the company right now, so he would draw more money than Mark Henry for a stage that grand.

And as Vince McMahon so emphatically states, "It's all about the monaaaay!"

Again, I'm as pumped about Mark Henry getting a shot at the WWE title and having an opportunity to dethrone John Cena as anyone. However, with the main factor of SummerSlam being one of Vince McMahon's biggest moneymaking events, I highly doubt that Mark Henry will carry the WWE banner heading to that PPV.

Feel free to respectfully sound off with you thoughts about this situation below.


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