Superstars Who Could Use a Change

Jared FarverCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

In wrestling a superstars gimmick means almost as much as his in-ring talent. A lot of people believe that the superstar's charisma and gimmick does mean more than his wrestling ability.

Some superstars are better at being a heel than being face. Others are better at being face and can't deal with the crowd booing them.

Look at Stone Cold's heel run from April 2001 to SummerSlam 2001, it just didn't fit Austin's style and the fans wanted his old gimmick back.

Randy Orton is the best thing going in the WWE right now. The reason why he is so hot now is because he was meant to be a heel. His gimmick fits his personality and in-ring style very well.

Then you have someone like Rey Mysterio. He is at his best when he has the fans supporting him. He is also great at portraying the underdog.

Superstars like John Cena have had the same gimmick for quite some time. A huge portion of the WWE fans boo Cena, although he is a huge favorite for kids.

The reason for the fans booing Cena is for two reasons. One, he has gotten stale and we are tired of watching him do the same thing. Two, he has been pushed down our throats for quite awhile.

Cena is not the only superstar in need of a change though. There are many superstars that haven't reached their full potential because of bad gimmicks.

Matt Hardy has had mediocre success while in the WWE but recently he has become a different person. He seems better positioned to have a shot at the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship with his change. The fans seem to also have gotten behind Matt Hardy after his change.

Without a change and thinking outside the box in the world of wrestling we wouldn't have seen the likes of Stone Cold, The Undertaker, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan.

So, with all of this said let me tell you a few of the changes the WWE could use and benefit from.


John Cena

He is supposed to be the guy everyone likes and pulls for, but he gets booed more than Shawn Michaels in Canada.

He has had the same gimmick for what seems like an eternity. His gimmick is similar to Hulk Hogan's. He is a hero to kids and he is the biggest babyface in recent history.

This gimmick has run its course. After five years of Cena being the same thing, many people are calling for a change.

I believe John Cena should turn heel.

Cena marched his way up to Main Event status as a heel and a rapper. He is far more entertaining as a heel and he could be way better in the ring as a heel.

Everyone talks about Cena having only four wrestling moves; clothesline, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment, and STF. Becoming a heel would enhance his move set because he could use moves that only heels can.

I mean heck, if Cena goes back to his old rapper gimmick we could see another Cena vs. Big Show battle rap! Honestly, who wouldn't want to see that?!



He has been used horribly while in the WWE.

Kane came into the WWE as an unstoppable force. He dominated everyone to step in the ring with him until he met his match at WrestleMania XIV, The Undertaker.

As a kid, I was absolutely terrified of Kane and his brother, The Undertaker. He was and still is an amazing athlete for a near 7-footer. He should be as successful as big men come but the WWE doesn't know how to handle The Big Red Machine.

Now Kane is a jobber to lesser talent. He hasn't been in serious title contention in years.

Kane is in serious need of a change.

The WWE needs to find a good storyline where he could get burnt again. If this storyline happened we could see a resurgence for Kane.

He could wear his old mask and seek revenge on the person who burnt him. He could also attack anyone that thought of him as a freak.

This would definitely bring Kane back into Main Event status and title contention.

Many fans want to see Kane succeed again and with a change in his current gimmick it could easily happen.


Jerry "The King" Lawler

I know he isn't a wrestler anymore, but think about it.

Right now on Raw, SmackDown, and ECW we have normal everyday face commentators. What happened to the days of having a heel commentator that everyone wanted to slap in the face?

Jerry Lawler is at his best when he is rooting for the heels of the WWE. He is for more funnier and entertaining while rooting for the heels.

It's also better T.V. to have the commentators on separate sides. You hear both sides during the match and they help paint the picture better.

Remember SummerSlam 2001? We heard both sides of the Invasion and we got to hear the feeling of pride for their brands. We now only hear the face side of the story.

Right now Lawler should be rooting for Randy Orton but instead he is the biggest fan for the John Cenas of the WWE.

I remember at Fully Loaded 1999 Lawler was yelling and cheering for Stone Cold to lose his WWF Championship belt for good. At one point in the match he yelled for The Undertaker to stab Stone Cold with a pen to make him bleed (The match was a first blood match).

Then when Undertaker started to bleed Lawler acted as if The Undertaker wasn't bleeding at all.

This moment was Jerry Lawler at his best.

I know he wrestles maybe once a year, but if he became heel again the WWE would be just a little bit more entertaining.


Shelton Benjamin

Imagine a 6' 2", 250 pound wrestler with an excellent amateur wrestling background. He can leap out of the arena and is as strong as most to lace up wrestling boots. This man is Shelton Benjamin.

His gimmick now just isn't cutting it.

If you were Vince McMahon wouldn't you try to get this guy some more mic time or a better gimmick?

At one point in Shelton's career his gimmick was to roll his mother down to the ring in her wheelchair. She would shout and cheer for Shelton and sometimes she would even interfere. This was a horrible gimmick.

Shelton is better at being a heel, so he should stay heel. He does need a change in his gimmick though.

If Shelton gets a good and creative gimmick he could be WWE or World Champion sooner than later.

I'm not exactly sure what his gimmick should be but I know he is decent enough on the mic to carry out a big role on any WWE show.

With these changes the WWE would be more entertaining. It would also be fresh and exciting to see these guys change it up.

What do you guys think of these changes and do you have any other ideas?