Dwyane Wade Borrows Fashion Tips From Lady Friend Gabrielle Union

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2013

Dwyane Wade's fashion sense has been a much-debated topic on the in-between days of the NBA Finals over the past three seasons, so it should come as no surprise that he's sharing jackets with Gabrielle Union.

Well, at least they're both trying their best to compete in the next issue of Us Weekly's "Who Wore it Best?" column.

Update at 9:45 on June 17

Bleacher Report has learned that the photo of Gabrielle Union wearing Wade's snazzy outfit is just a cunning Photoshop job.

Can you believe that? Somebody would go onto the Internet and spread false pictures of women wearing the same clothes as Dwyane Wade?

I'm thankful every day for the amount of free time people have to make hilarious pictures to share with everybody.

~End of update~

For the record, fake or not, I would actually say that Wade wore it better, although the black shoes with gold studs look a bit eerie on Wade's feet.

However, it's undeniable that Union's purse matches better with the outfit than Wade's red man-bag.

There are two main realizations that come from seeing Union wearing the same outfit as Wade.

First, after seeing him in capri pants and scoop-necked shirts over the past few months, I think we can conclude that some of his outfits are unisex, at the very least.

Second, seeing Wade and Union sharing the same outfit got me thinking; what other outfits that he's been rocking over the postseason could he possibly be sharing with actresses and models?

I'm going to say with confidence that Adriana Lima could get away with wearing the capris and double-breasted jacket that Wade wore in the semifinals, and Claudia Schiffer might do fine with his flowered jacket that got everybody talking.

However, if there's one slam dunk out there, it's that—other than Wade—only Fabio could don the scoop-necked t-shirt quite as well.

All I can do from here is urge Wade to continue wearing weird stuff; perhaps a kilt and a leather jacket would be a fine choice for Game 6.

Hat tip to nikkolassmith.tumblr.com for the beautiful discovery Photoshop job.