NASCAR Fans Come To Realize: Not All Races Are Like Talladega (Satire)

Paul HadsleyCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

Following a Talladega race that featured wall to wall action, excitement, close racing and scary crashes, NASCAR fans came back down to Earth on Saturday as they once again came to the realization that not every race on the calender is like that.

Saturday's race at Richmond International Speedway featured few lead changes outside of pit road and strung out, single file racing for the majority of it's 200 laps, only punctuated by suspicious debris cautions and the occasional harmless spin.

Such a lack of action made many fans privately question why they watch this damn series week after week and not just tune in for the last 50 laps when the real action begins.

"I sat through the entire Talladega race with my eyes glued to the screen" said one un-named fan in the Richmond grandstand during a lengthy green flag run where nothing was happening.

"So I decided to come down to the track when they came to town...BOY, I wish I hadn't bothered. They haven't so much as flipped ONE car over yet!
It's really not what I was expecting!"

Ratings experts suggest this is a yearly trend races as potential new fans are made more likely to tune in to a NASCAR event after seeing highlights of the pack racing action and related consequences from Talladega on various news and sport highlight clips.

They then tune into the next race expecting to see more of the same, not realising the type of racing they are expecting is unique to restrictor plate racing and won't be seen again until Daytona in July.

The new fan will usually last 30 minutes into a long, boring green flag run and then say "the hell with this" and see what else is on the television.

The fan at the track is not so fortunate. "I paid 70 dollars for these tickets". said one such potential new fan "I specifically picked seats high up at the back, after what happened last week I'm not stupid. Though with the type of racing on offer today I might as well be sitting in Turn Four, no race car would bother me there either."

NASCAR had no comment on any plans it may have to lure and keep potential new fans and said it has no plans to either change the schedule or offer any kind of exiting racing action outside of restrictor plate events.