How Does Underdog Magic Work?

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 4, 2009

There is something very interesting about sports movies in general. Of course the story is predictable, but still the movie is watched and ends up being a big hit.

Always there is a person or a team who comes up to beat the world champs and shows the world that they are as good as the best in the business, if not better.

There are also many challenges that the underdogs have to overcome, but in the end they do it all and manage to do the unthinkable.

But movies are movies. Such movies are usually meant to make you feel good, so it will not concentrate on the probability of that kind of a success or other realities that may affect the result.

But there is still something truly special in an "against all odds" victory—and anything that is special has to be true (that's what I believe).

In any case, let's move on from films and look at reality. We still find that the underdogs live on.

How it happens and why it happens is something that is truly remarkable.

But still, there are mainly two reasons why underdogs end up winning.

1) The opposition takes them lightly. They often underestimate the power of their enemy. That's why they say, "Never take it easy in life."

2) The team or player knows they/he has nothing to lose and end up giving their best performance. This can be also called a no pressure zone.

But is that all?

Is that all that counts towards making of a victory?

I doubt it.

How can everything in the world have an answer? More importantly, how can this have an answer?

How do you explain a team/player changing its work ethics and suddenly becoming more professional to beat the best in the business?

How can you explain a team/player which/who usually fail to reach a meager target or total even against medium level opposition that suddenly come and give a world class performance against a strong team/player, which/who just takes things a bit easy but is still better then a medium rater, and end up beating them?

What makes the hidden talent come out and display itself on this special occasion and then go back to hiding?

How is it possible that you have the high level of skill on that day and no other day?

So what goes through the mind of an underdog on that? What kind of enzyme is it that suddenly gives them the burst of adrenaline?

Maybe it's something so subconscious that we do not even realise what exactly it is.

Maybe it is just the frustration of not performing and being called underdogs.

Maybe it's some day when you get special powers and are lucky enough to have a match on that day.

Maybe just God knows.

The strangest thing of all is that all of us have been underdogs in some field at some time, and we still don't know this hidden answer.

The mind is full of mysteries. This is one more to add to the list.