Best and Worst of The Detroit Sports Market

Samantha Cooke@sportycookieCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

DETROIT - MAY 03:  Rob Niedermayer #44 of the Anaheim Ducks tries to deflect the puck past Chris Osgood #30 of the Detroit Red Wings during Game Two of the Western Conference Semifinals of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 3, 2009 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Anaheim won the game 4-3 in the third overtime period to tie the series 1-1.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Many people in Detroit have lost their jobs, homes, food, and sense of purpose. That does not stop people from attending sporting events, including the Detroit Red Wings playoff run.

Most Detroiters have an unmistakable passion for sports. Even though the Detroit Lions are the laughing stocks of the NFL and the Detroit Tigers have only had one really good season in the past 20 years, Detroiters do not give up on their teams.

With that passion for their teams comes a passion for the sports reporters in the area. The following is a list of the Best and Worst Sports Personalities in the Detroit market.


Best Television Reporter

Dan Miller—no one can match Dan Miller's passion for the Detroit Lions. He has stuck by and been the go-to-guy for a number of years, even in their 0-16 season. That being said, he also knows how to speak his mind about the Lions professionally. Miller is the local personality on Fox Two news as well. His coverage of all the sports is above professional on television.

Worst Television Reporter

Don Shane—in being a sports reporter on the news, you want people to watch the news for you. No one watches Channel Seven Action News for Don Shane. He does not bring people in and just reports the sports. He does not have a passion for his Detroit sports.

Best Radio Personality

Mike Valenti—in conjunction with Terry Foster. On 97.1 'The Ticket,' these two dish it up in the afternoon better than most people in the country. Valenti has a distinct passion and a no holds-bar attitude. He tells everything like it is. A few years ago, Valenti was featured in Sports Illustrated for his 20-minute rant on the Michigan State-Notre Dame football game. Love him, hate him, you will still listen to him.

Worst Radio Personality

Jay Towers—technically Jay Towers does not talk about sports and that is his big problem. He is on the morning show on 97.1 'The Ticket' (an all-sports station) and he knows nothing about sports. He can barely report scores. Let's face it—Detroiters love their sports and need to get it from the biggest sports station. Towers does not deliver.

Best Play-by-play

Ken Kal—it is easy to be a Detroit Red Wings fan because they continue to win and fight every year. No one brings passion to play-by-play announcing like Ken Kal. You can almost see the puck being brought down the ice with Ken Kal's announcing. He also announces on television and still displays the passion of the radio like you cannot see the puck.

Worst Play-by-play

George Blaha—he is a Pistons fan and passionate about it, but Blaha is a very old guy. He does not add anything to professional basketball, which is a shame as it can get boring. He has too many background stories on the players and not enough focus on the game. You really have to listen to get a score or a play.

Best Journalist

Mitch Albom—without a doubt, Mitch Albom is one of the best journalists of all time. He makes you want to read the paper and want to read his column every week. Whether he is writing about a loss the Wings had or an unknown draft pick that will make a difference next year, Albom has a unique writing style that brings readers in and keeps them hooked.

Worst Journalist

Michael Rosenberg—while his writing is decent, Rosenberg shows no passion. He wrote a lot of articles during the football season and just made fun of a hurting Wolverine team. He wrote nothing on the game except the Wolverines lost and stunk. Rosenberg does not write objectively; instead, he writes with his opinion and does not bring readers in.

Best Female

Shireen Saski—starting on Fox Sports Detroit, Shireen Saski became a known face in the crowd at various sporting events, including college games. She knows the teams inside and out, and makes a point to tell as many of their stories as possible. Saski is now on the Big Ten Network and continues to display her knowledge of each different team.

Worst Female

Paula Weston—though she is technically a writer on, Weston covers the CCHA, which includes Michigan and Michigan State. She has absolutely no knowledge of hockey, or hides it very well. She makes predictions for upcoming games in the week and only chooses teams for their colors or who is hot at the moment. She analyzes teams but only writes what people already know.

Best All-around Sports Reporter:

Doug Karsch—he covers Detroit athletics and University of Michigan athletics better than anyone in the market. He has a distinct passion for everything Detroit. In addition to having a show on 97.1 'The Ticket,' Karsch also does U of M football games on television and radio, and is host of the Wolverines Sports Magazine television show. He is a very busy guy that cannot get enough of Detroit athletics.


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