Buying or Selling Charlotte Bobcats Rumors Ahead of the NBA Draft

Sam RichmondCorrespondent IJune 16, 2013

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The Charlotte Bobcats have an important offseason in front of them, as there is plenty of potential for roster changes. With those possibilities come a slew of rumors, especially in regards to Charlotte's top-five pick in the upcoming 2013 NBA draft.

Let's play a game of Buy or Sell with the top rumors.


Rumor No. 1: Bobcats Want to Trade for Chris Bosh

This rumor began floating around last week from Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

The Charlotte Bobcats are looking to make a splash this summer and are open to trading their first-round pick in a package for an All-Star-caliber player. There are rumors the Heat will be looking to deal Chris Bosh, and the Bobcats, who are under the salary cap and could accept Bosh’s near-maximum deal, could be a prime candidate.

The Bobcats could use a player of Bosh's caliber, so it makes some sense from that standpoint.

However, there are multiple reasons why this would be the wrong move for Charlotte to make.

First of all, Bosh isn't a franchise-altering player in the sense that regardless of other talent, if you have him, you're a contender. So, in order for this move to make sense, the Bobcats would have to have plenty of talent to support Bosh, which they don't possess.

Second of all, Bosh can opt out of his contract at the end of next season, which makes this move really risky. A top-five pick for a one-year rental of Bosh? No, thank you.

On top of all of that, it would be stunning to see the Heat have any semblance of interest in a deal like this. The Big Three has resulted in three straight trips to the finals, so there's no reason why the Heat would want to break that up. 

Verdict: Sell

Rumor No. 2: Bobcats Want to Trade First-Round Pick

More than the Bosh rumor, there have been rumors in general that the Bobcats want to deal the fourth pick in the draft.

Charlotte wanting to rid themselves of their first-round pick makes plenty of sense. There's the sense that there isn't a star player in this draft at the No.1 pick, let alone a star player at No. 4.

The Bobcats need to put themselves in a position where they can somewhere down the line acquire that type of player (just not one at Bosh's age). If the Bobcats could flip this pick for a pick in next year's draft from another struggling team, that would be their best-case scenario, as the 2014 draft is thought to be loaded with talent.

Or if that can't happen, it makes sense for the Bobcats to try to trade it for multiple assets (whether 2013 draft picks or players), so that there's a possibility that they'll have the depth necessary to compete if they get that elusive star player in the coming years.

Verdict: Buy

Rumor No. 3: Bobcats Have Interest in Anthony Bennett

There is definitely a scenario, regardless of what the Bobcats want, in which they can't find a trade partner and must use the No. 4 pick in the draft.

According to ESPN's Chad Ford (subscription required), UNLV big man Anthony Bennett might be the player Charlotte most desires. And it's not hard to figure out why.

The Bobcats could surely use an efficient shooter, and Bennett is just that. His versatility is also an asset and would fit well with 2012 first-round pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

There is some concern about Bennett being just 6'8", but there's some concern in some way or another about every top prospect in this draft. That's why Charlotte should try to deal the pick. But if the Bobcats can't and he's available at No. 4, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if Charlotte grabbed him.

Verdict: Buy